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Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 5 Episode 26

Rusty & The Boulder

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 05, 1998 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Rusty & The Boulder
The Fat Controller has opened a new mine, and both the normal gauge and narrow gauge railways have tracks to it. An old boulder has had to be moved to make way for the mine, and Rusty is worried about it. Some time later the boulder is shaken loose and falls off the cliff it has been placed on and it chases Rusty down the line! Rusty manages to escape via a siding, but the boulder continues to thunder along! Back at the mine, Percy, with nowhere to run, sees the boulder up ahead, and it's heading straight for him...moreless

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  • A recent mining excavation loosens a giant boulder, which wrecks havoc on the railway.

    Just about as looney as they come! This episode is some kind of strange hybrid of slapstick and thrills. Although it is totally goofy, it actually succeeds in many ways. First of all, the accidents and visuals are amazing! The final moments where Boulder hits the sheds is a certain highlight. There was also some gripping tension at the beginning. The part where "...a large slab of rock landed on the rails" made me jump. Boulder's face is creepy too, adding to the suspense. Of course, the drawbacks are the redundant story structure (Boulder chases one engine at a time until he reaches the end), and the lack of screentime for Thumper. Still, a pretty cool effort.moreless
  • Indiania Rusty

    Both railways are working together to build a new quarry. Rusty meets up with Thomas and Percy and shares his suspicions about the boulder above the quarry. The two engines ignore it as Edward arrives with a machine, Thumper. The next day, rain stops the work and Rusty is even more worried, espically when he is nearly hit by a rock! His thoughts come true the next day when boulder falls off the mountain and chases him down the track! He escapes into a siding and Skarloey is next in line and ends up getting covered by a water tower. Rheneas has another near miss and smashes into a bunker before Boulder passes Percy and crashes into a shed. The Fat Controller decides to close the quarry and Boulder is moved away.

    Rusty is by far my favourite Narrow Gauge engines and this is another one of his great performances. There have been many creepy stories in this season but this story had a new level of mystery. The face that appears and the at the ending when it seems to be watching the mountain at night really sent a chill down my spine that Duncan Gets Spooked couldn't do. It also was a very exciting episode and definitlety is Indiana Jones meeting Thomas. The boulder falling off and going behind Rusty before chasing after the other two, and it ending with the big explosion has never been attempted before in Thomas and was a great way for this season to end. Again, I would have rather liked it if the Standard Gauge engines hadn't starred in this episode, though Percy's comment when the boulder approached him was rather funny, and I didn't mind Edward! Thumper seems like he would be an excellent charecter so I think he should have gotten some larger roles. Anyway, this season was scary, exciting, funny and had some great new charecters and is the start of a new era in Thomasmoreless
  • This episode scared me as a little kid.But this is a great episode

    This episode made my emotions fly all over the place. I was excited,sad,scared,and amazed all at the same time.Here's a list of goods and bads. Goods:Rusty is real fast,we get to see a cool explosion,had action packed chases,and the best possible episode for Rusty to get to himself,and proves Thomas is not just for a preeschool audience. Bads:This episode is the last episode to feature polished models of the engines,the last time Ng engines meet BR engines,and more importantly the last episode to have Britt Alcroft write the series.It made me scared with the chilly music and Boulder's face.It amazed me with the exciting chases.And it saddened me because I felt sorry for the rock finding it just wants to go to it's old home.This was a great episode to end a season that's a rollercoaster of adventure where no moment is dull.This is the most well written ep of season 5.Thumper would've been a great adition to the quarry,but I guess it was never meant to be.But,of course if you hate this episode,I don't mind.But you don't know what you're missing.moreless
  • Wacky adventure for the Narrow-Gauge engines & Rusty!

    High up in the mountains there's a mestyrious boulder. One day, Rusty met Thomas & Percy at the Yard. Rusty tells them about the boulder, and he thinks that he's watching him. Percy thinks that the story is very silly. Then, Edward brought Thumper, a driller to help at the mountain near the boulder. Thumper makes a good job, but when it rains that day, a large peice of rock fell on the track, and nearly hit Rusty. Next day, Rusty sees the Boulder move. His driver doesn't belive until... BANG! The Boulder lands on the track and chases Rusty. Rusty stops in a siding to let Boulder pass, but he was right behind him! Luckily, Rusty was diverted into a siding, and Boulder was now chasing Skarloey! Skarloey went into a siding and told Rusty they had to warn the yards. Rheneas was having a wonderful time when he saw Boulder. He chuffed back as fast as he could, into a siding and derailing. His driver remarked, "Better a smahs than a squash." At the yards, Percy was collecting trucks when he saw Boulder. Boulder crashes into the sheds, wich were full of dynamite. The Fat Controller came to inspect the damage. Soon, the boulder was put up in a safe mountain, and Rusty thinks that the Boulder is now safe up in the mountain.

    This episode was wonderful, had exciting crashes and all. My favourite part was Boulder chasing the Narrow-Gauge engines, overall, I enjoyed, 8.1/10.moreless
  • Unrealistic, yet very exciting.

    A new quarry is being built on the Island of Sodor, and Rusty is sent to help. He is scared however, of a big, round, mysterious boulder. He thinks it is watching him, but Percy rubs it off as nonsense. Later on, when a big piece of rock falls in front of Rusty, he becomes even more frightened of the boulder and decides to leave. The next day, Thumper, a new piece of quarry machinery, slabs away rock as hard as he can, causing the boulder to fall right in front of Rusty! It rolls on the track, making Rusty run for his life. He diverts onto a siding, but the boulder continues to roll down the track. It charges towards Skarloey, but he diverts onto a siding too. The boulder continues to roll down the track, and then charges at Rheneas. He rolls away as fast as he can, until he crashes in a siding. He is safe from the boulder however. It continues to roll quickly until it crashes into a shed, causing an explosion. Sir Topham Hatt inspects the damage, and decides to stop building the new quarry. The boulder is moved to the top of a hill, but Rusty believes that it longs for its old home.

    Season 5 is definitely the most action-packed season of the show, and this episode is no exception. I used to consider this a horrible episode because it was so unrealistic. After seeing it again however, I thought it was actually good. A big, round boulder causing havoc really makes the story very riviting. The shot of the boulder with its face is very creepy, especially when the boulder's theme music is played. But it's cool all the same, and proves that Allcroft and Mitton weren't making "Thomas" just for younglings. It was also nice having Rusty as the leading character. He is one of my favorite characters, and it was quite interesting to see him in big action. This episode was also the last one to feature his smaller model, as well as the smaller models of Rheneas and Skarloey, and the polished models of the engines, which is such a pity.

    Those facts however, aren't the biggest faults of the episode. I still don't like how unrealistic this episode is, since it's silly and doesn't make sense. Just check the goofs section. And, like previous episodes of season 5, a new character was featured, but was never seen again. Although Thumper is a cool character, he never spoke and we never got to learn about his personality. He only survived in this episode. Maybe it's because Britt Allcroft wasn't there to help bring him, or any of the other one-off S5 characters, into future seasons, no thanks to the poor success of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad". Despite the faults, this was a great action-adventure episode. It was also the last episode with Allcroft and Mitton as producers, who we all adore, so this episode is special in a way.

    I give this episode an 8.1/10.moreless

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