Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 25

Rusty Saves The Day

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Feb 07, 2003 on ITV
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Rusty Saves The Day
Faced with the threat of forever working in the quarry if their line is not repaired, Skarloey and Rheneas get worried. Rusty though, is onhand, along with the help of Elizabeth, after persuading her that is! Will the line be able to be repaired in the 2 week time limit the Fat Controller has allowed?moreless

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  • Not the best storyline

    Rusty works at the quarry but helps Skarloey and Rheneas out with their line. When he arrives at the quarry late one day, the Fat Controller gets grumpy and chooses to close the line. Skarloey and Rheneas have to work at the quarry. The little diesel sees they aren't happy. However, the quarry needs rock blasting and Rusty convinces the Fat Controller to let them fix up the track. He agrees and gives them two weeks. They start work but soon find it very difficult. Elizabeth insults them and they lose faith. But Rusty gets a plan. He tricks Elizabeth into helping them and soon the track is fixed and gets reopened.

    Okay, I love Narrow Gauge episodes but this one was kind of a disappointment. All three Narrow Gauge charecters in this episode are my favourites but this was a bad episode for them. First, there were lots of mistakes. Like how they were smiling while it said they were unhappy! Also, there seems to be two quarries on the Narrow Gauge railway as there was no visible Incline. Another thing was that this line that Skarloey and Rheneas work on seemed to come from no where and then is used about once more after this episode! It is really disappotining how wasteful these new episodes are. And their personalities were awful! It is now plainly visible that Skarloey and Rheneas' personalities are going to be going downhill from now on as they were just plain awful in this episode! Rusty's was alright and Elizabeth's was quite good. Actually, Elizabeth deserves a gold medal for best performance! She was excellent in this episode and stands out in the entire five minutes. This episode has given the charecters a bad name and needs major improvements in order to regain it's once glorious namemoreless
  • Not the best episode.

    Skarloey and Rheneas must work with Rusty at the Quarry due to their line being closed. The two are gloomy and disapointed, and Rusty realizes this. So when the men are blasting at the Quarry, Rusty convinces the Fat Controller to let him fix the line while they are not allowed at the Quarry. When the Fat Controller says yes, the three engines start to work, but Elizabeth puts down their spirits saying it all is "just a waste of time." But Rusty thinks differently, and tricks Elizabeth into helping them. At last the line, with Elizabeth's help, is complete and reopened.

    This is not the best episode as though it is a rather nice storyline, but there were no crashes and it was just engines being sad most of the time. But I liked this episode because Elizabeth was seen on the little engines' line, and again in Faulty Whistles.

    Besides that, this is also a very important episode because it is the last we hear of Skarloey and Rheneas running their line together, and now do odd jobs for the Thin Controller. Well done Rusty, and welcome back to your line Skarloey and Rheneas!moreless
  • Boring.

    Another boring episode where not much excitment occures Skarloey and Rheneas’ old branch line is closed down due to a lack of maintenance, meaning that they are forced to work at the quarry. Rusty takes pity on them and longs to help them out, but his chance comes when a two-week blasting operation means that the engines must find other work. The Fat Controller agrees to the restoring of the old line, but if the work is not done in two weeks time, it must be abandoned. With the unexpected help of Elizabeth, the three engines put all their effort and teamwork into the project, and the line is restored just in time.moreless
  • The Worst episode in season 6.

    I loved season 6 but not this epsisode. Its probaly the third boringist episode of all time. Rusty spends time clearing Rusty and Skarloeys line. But also has work to do at the quarry. This makes Sir topham Hatt mad and shuts down the line. But what would Topham care. Rustys a inspection diesel anyway. Also why would they have to leave the quarry do to blasting? In Bill Ben and Fergus they were blasting and didnt have to leave the quarry. This episode really jumped the shark. Ive never really been a NG fan but this is the worst next to the episodes where Rusty was girl.moreless
  • Rusty Helps Save Rheneas & Skarloey's Line.

    Rusty Spent So Much Time Repairing Skarloey & Rheneas's Line Of All The Broken Tracks, Branches That Fell On The Line, & Rocks That Blocked Paths, That He Was Alway's Late For Work. Sir Topham Hatt Decided To Close The Line Down. Then They Were Blasting Rocks At The Quarry For Two Weeks. Rusty Decided To Use Those 2 Weeks To Repair Everything On Rheneas & Skarloey's Line. With Elizabeth's Help, The Job Was Complete. Rusty Saved Their Line From Being Closed Down Forever. Go Rusty!moreless

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