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Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 2

Salty's Secret

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 07, 2003 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Salty's Secret
Salty, an old diesel, arrives on Sodor. He loves working by the sea but is most disappointed to find that the Fat Controller has sent for him to help out with the work at Centre Island Quarry, resulting in him of course not being able to work by the sea as he had hoped for. However, Salty is soon given a pleasant surprise...moreless

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  • Salty the dockyard diesel arrives on the island, but is upset to be working in a quarry instead of the seaside. He soon gets his wish however...

    Although it was a pretty mediocre and dull episode, I will give this one pretty good marks for introducing a fun new character. This of course, is Salty the dockside diesel. Salty is a fun and unique character with his silly sailor's accent and rustic nature. He also has lots of potential for new stories and interaction with other characters. I felt that he could have done with a better intro though. This episode lacked any real action or imagination and plodded for the most part. Salty's secret really doesn't have much relevance to the story either. The highlight for me was probably Bill and Ben trying to move the cars using Salty's method. But even then, this one was nothing special.moreless
  • The Dockside Diesel

    Sodor is usually very busy and new engines are sometimes needed. Salty, a dockside diesel, has been brought in to help. He sings as he arrives at Center Island Quarry, where Salty is shocked to find himself. Mavis tells him that she, Bill and Ben need help with a project. Bill and Ben think that Salty won't be useful. But they discover that Salty is amazing with trucks! That night, he stays away from the sheds and Mavis asks him why and Salty explains he wants some sea breeze. The next day, he tells Bill and Ben that the trucks like a song. But the twins fail miserably to succed. When The Fat Controller comes, he is so pleased the job is done he sends Salty to work at Brendam Docks!

    Salty has only appeared in two episodes (out of order) but has already proved to the world of Thomas fans that he could possibly make it as a good charecter but is being stuffed up. He has a unique personality and there isn't another diesel similar to him, except the other nice ones, but he is being shown as slightly idiotic in his movement and he could well be intelligent. I was glad that Mavis got to have a largish role in this episode as she hasn't had a large role since season three, but her personality has been ruined after Toby's Tightrope to make her kind and caring. Bill and Ben were good in this role and it was funny seeing them getting caught in between the trucks. The quarry seems to be one of the places having a dramatic change as it is now "Center Island Quarry" which I find to be completely random. Overall, I enjoyed the charecters choosen for this episode and I found that the storyline was okaymoreless
  • Ahoy, Salty!

    Salty the Dockyard Diesel is new to the Island, but when he finds out that he's first job is to shunt trucks at the Quarry with Bill & Ben and Mavis, he's disappointed. He likes the sea, but not Quarries. Anyway, Salty was beggining to enjoy, beacause he was handling the trucks as easy as a pie. Bill and Ben were feeling jealous, as Salty sang lots of songs, and so did the trucks. Later that night, Salty came out to try and see if there was a sea air (impossible, beacause it's night), Mavis understands that Slaty loves the sea, andwas feeling very upset, beacause he wasn't near it. Next day, Salty tells Bill and Ben about singing with the trucks was the trick to make them behave, but when the twins tried - they couldn't but not like Salty, who weas enjoiyng himself. The Fat Controller came to see how the things were going, and was very happy. Mavis daid it was all Salty who did most of the job, and how useful he was. The Fat Controller tells Salty that there is another job where the Dockyard Diesel has to do. Expecting to be the Quarry, The Fat Controller tells him it's Brendam Docks. Salty is very happy indeed. Only the trucks and Saçty know thye secret - singing with them is the trick to make them go well.

    I think this episode was terrific, the introduction of Salty, av is and Bill & Ben featured aswell, a good begging of season with new characters. I give this episode 8.7 / 10.moreless
  • Welcome salty!

    This episode introduces salty. Salty is a dockside diesel who loves the harbor and the docks. He has to help Bill, Ben, and Mavis at the quarry for his first job on the island. He is sad because he is not near the sea, but gets on with the job without fuss. Bill and Ben think that the trucks will give Salty a bad time, but they are proved wrong when he shows he can handle them with ease. He teaches them that the way to keep them under control is to sing to them, but they fail miserably. Before long, the important job is completed and Salty is sent to work at the dockyard! where he feels much happier.moreless
  • Ahoy, Salty!

    Salty is a new diesel on the island. He loves to work by the docks, and is dissappointed to learn that he is to work in Center Island Quarry. Bill and Ben have trouble with the trucks, but Salty sings so much that the trucks forget to be troublesome, and they even sing along! He gets the job done twice as fast as Bill and Ben would have. But a part of Salty is still missing, and Mavis begins to notice it. The Fat Controller comes by the next day, and tells Salty that he is now going to work at Brendam Docks. He is thrilled, and even tells another story.

    Diesels have always been a big part of this show. Ever since season two, we have met the likes of Diesel, Boco, Daisy, Mavis, and many more. And then, there was this episode. We meet Salty, who arguably has the most cheerful personality of any engine on the show. He is able to get along with anyone, even the trucks! Everyone loves his stories (other than Cranky, who gets annoyed easily), and everyone seems to want to work with him. Characters such as Fergus, Harvey, and Mavis would agree. As for me, I have always liked his sailor's accent and unique personality. The episode itself was okay. This was a relatively weak season, and this story followed the usual guidlines for this season. But other than that, I loved welcoming Salty aboard and I hope that he will be the centerpiece of Brendam Docks for many more seasons.

    *400th Thomas Episode Review*moreless

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