Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 4 Episode 25

Special Attraction

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM May 24, 1995 on ITV
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Special Attraction
Toby is excited when he is invited to be the "Special Attraction" for a seaside village's parade. But his excitement turns to disappointment when there isn't anymore room for him. Meanwhile, Percy and the trucks are having a hard time with a disagreeable barge called Bulstrode...

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  • Toby and Percy both run into trouble on their seaside trips...

    This episode has two distinct plotlines, which are merged as the episode progresses. The script is written very well, and the story flows wonderfully. Toby's story comes first. There is no room for him in the seaside parade, so he is forced to go home. The main drawback is that fact is that this is all there is to Toby's tale. It should have had a better conclusion. Percy's story is far better. When he goes to the quay to work with the cars, he runs afoul of Bulstrode. Classic villians are welcome in any episode, and Bultrode gets his just desserts in the best way. A Season 4 classic.moreless
  • Barges and Bells

    Toby is very excited. He has a shiny new bell and is going to be the special attraction at a seaside fair. His driver explains everything on the way and Toby mainly just needs to smile and ring his bell. But at the station, they are told that there isn't enough room for him! The tram engine goes home, and Percy wonders whats up but The Fat Controller sends him to the harbour to sort out "Bulstrode". Percy's driver says that Bulstrode is a very rude barge. At the harbour, Bulstrode is shouting to the trucks when Percy arrives. The trucks get Percy to orgainise them for the barge. But a wrong turning ends up causing Percy to push the trucks into Bulstrode! The barge is towed away and left on a beach. Percy goes back to the station and sees Toby and the tram says that they are both special attractions.

    What a sweet episode. Bulstrode sounds like such a wonderful charecter that it is actually a pity that we don't get to see him after this episode. His foul personality is excellent and the show really does need some boats in it. The accident in this episode could actually happen in real life, but I think Bulstrode would have sunk. Now, onto Toby. The tram engine did only have a small role but he never has many nice things happen to him so I'm glad he was feeling much better in the end. The trucks were rather funny in this episode and gave it an extra touch. There was great music and direction in this episode making another good Christopher Awdry story.moreless
  • Possibly the best Thomas episode made!

    Toby is sad because he was supposed to be a special strraction at a seaside festival, but when the festival is cancelled, Toby's arriving is too. Later, Percy is to take trucks to the docks where Bulstrode the barge is complaining. Bulstrode is a disagreeable barge whom never can get along with anyone. But after Percy accidentally derails the trucks and another regretful accident occurs, Bulstrode is soon set straight. It was quite an eventful day.

    An excellent episode, although slightly different to the Railway Series version. It is the first appearance of Bulstrode the barge, and is seen in his first accident, in which trucks fall from the wharf, onto him. It is one of my favorite episodes, and in hopes that Bulstrode will be seen again.

    "Help! I'm Sinking!" -Bulstrodemoreless
  • Bulstrode makes his appearance...

    Bulstrode is an awesome character, unfortunately, this is his only appearance. I wish he could of been a little more cheerful instead of being so grumpy! Whenever I think of this episode, I think of Bulstrode, Percy, and the cars, not Toby's delimma. It's what makes up the episode, anyway. The two Railway Series stories don't seem to fit together very well. I would like to see Bulstrode in later episodes, but that is rather unlikely. Why does a parade need a Special Attraction anyway? It makes no sense to me. But, I still give it a 10 because of good ol' Bulstrode.moreless
  • Percy and Toby both have problems at the seaside!!!

    Toby is excited to be the special attraction in the seaside village's annual parade. Unfortunately, there is no more room in the parade and he gets sent home. Then Percy goes to the harbor to help load a barge called Bulstrode. But there is an accident, and Bulstrode is sent to a beach. In the end, Percy and Toby both share the stories of their seaside mishaps.

    This is an example of why I love season four. It is not just for the little engines, old friends can come back and still be great. And Percy and Toby are certainly great characters. All in all, a pretty good story.moreless

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