Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 2 Episode 21

The Diseasel

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 07, 1986 on ITV
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The Diseasel
Bill & Ben are twins who work at the China Clay Pits. One day, they are aghast when they discover that their trucks have gone missing! Down the line, they cause great problems and difficulty with a diesel called Boco, who they believe stole the trucks. Confusion regains until Edward explains everything.moreless

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  • A "diseasel" steals Bill & Ben's trucks.

    This was the first time Bill & Ben held the storyline of an episode, although it's not their first appearance. It's a shame they couldn't have a proper debut before this because I love Bill & Ben, they're probably the funniest trains on the island. Their little spat and protest at the beginning of the episode with themselves and their drivers was hilarious. Their trick against BoCo was legendary as well. They then apologize when Edward explains the importance of the kind of diesel engine BoCo is, who is actually pretty nice. So when it comes to diesels on the Island, it looks like the third time (or train) is the charm!moreless
  • Boco, Bill and Ben appear in the same episode together!! The 'B' team!

    I love this episode since it introduces the second pair of twins. This episode also introduces a diesel, Boco, a kind diesel who can look after Bill and Ben. I loved the way they made Boco as confused as ever!! They are hilarious as always when they're together. I love the twin engines, even Arry and Bert when they aren't Awdry related. A pair of yellow tank engines messing around a big green diesel engine. If only Awdry were alive to see his 'current' series being aired, seeing that he'll be mad at HIT. Thank you Rev. W. Awdry for making a terrific series!!moreless
  • Go Go BoCo!

    Bill and Ben are twins who work in the china clay works. One day, they leave their trucks at the docks. When they come back, their gone! The drivers think that the oil meant a diesel took them, confusing Bill and Ben. Deviously, they lose their numbers and go and find the diesel. One at a time, they pull up and insult him untilt hey have confused him quite a lot! Edward soon arrives and explains the situation to Bill and Ben, who go off and collect his trucks. Edward talks to the diesel, who says that his name is BoCo.

    We now have three great charecters: Bill, Ben and BoCo. Who couldn't love them? The hilarity in this episode has jackpotted through The Fat Controller's stomach and there is quite a lot railwayism in this episode. And remember, cough and sneezels spread dieseals!moreless
  • A great episode.

    This is the first apperence of the tank engine twins, Bill, and Ben. They are good characters who get into trouble. One day, Bill and Ben have to work at the harbor bringing clay cars there. They find out that they are gone when they come back. The drivers find spots of oil left by a diesel, which they find out later on its BoCo. Ben says, "Coughs and Sneezles spred diseasels". Thats the best line in the episode. Its also a refrence to a real saying. My favorite part of the episode is when Bill and Ben play a trick on Boco. I think this episode is very good.moreless
  • Boco comes to Sodor.

    Bill and Ben are working at the china clay pits. They were shunting cars of china clay. When the returned for them, they were gone. Their drivers discovered a patch of oil. They decide to prank the diesel who stole the cars. They remove Bill and Ben's names and numbers and worked out a plan. They found the diesel. They kept coming from each side of him saying something funny or making a funny face. When they both show up beside him, he realizes that they are twins. Edward shows up and scolds the twins. They apologize for messing with Boco and Boco apologizes for taking the cars without asking.moreless

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