Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 5 Episode 27

Thomas & The Magic Railroad

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jul 14, 2000 on ITV
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Thomas & The Magic Railroad
In Thomas' first big screen adventure, we switch between Sodor and the real world at Shining Time Station. Mr Conductor is able to go from one world to another via his golden magic dust, but Diesel 10 and his sidekicks Dodge & Splatter are out to destroy him and the engines of Sodor. The answer to everyone's problems lies in the Magic Railroad and a lost engine named Lady...moreless

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  • Should have been better

    It really could, just look on the internet and see what I mean...... I mean the movie made no sense due to Doug Lennox's character P.T. Boomer being cut from the movie. Bloody test audiences ruined the movie..... Boomer's removal just made Burnett Stone's existance in the movie meaningless like Russell Means put it. WTF is so scary about an elderly motorcyclist, compared to a big Diesel with a giant lumbering claw?

    Plus the voices are mostly unfitting which is also the fault of the test audiences. Michael Angelis was a much more fitting James & Percy. Keith Scott fit Diesel 10's voice much more than Neil Crone. And poor John Bellis was screwed over by those morons, he sounded better as Thomas than Eddie Glenn. Patrick Breen was better as Dodge and Splatter as well.

    I enjoyed the movie but had it turned out like it should have, it wouldnt have cost Britt Allcroft her job and Thomas wouldnt be owned by an arrogant conglomorate that cares more about money than the quality of the show.moreless
  • my sister likes this movie

    i wonder why wasnt edward donald and douglas bill and ben oliver and the narrow gauge engines tererence georoge and disal mavis toad are not feartuered? do you know why? when i wacthed te movie i saw crankey and bucth and percy was onliy pulling one mail truck and a breake van without a guard on it? and horrid lorrys are not feartherd and the trucks apperard and has no lines and arry and bert are not fearted alic baldwin and peter fonda and mara wilson did good acting and i like the really useful engine song and i love the line that baldwin seaid it is meet thomas hes our number one heromoreless
  • Thomas' first movie on the big screen!!!

    OK, I love the first movie, but sometimes there might be downfalls to this. Edward wasn't featured, why???? Why couldn't they use the original plotline that included PT Boomer? It would've done better, with the first storyline planned. I wonder why Britt still decided to stray from Awdry's precious work of Thomas and Friends? It wouldn't be to childish if only if Britt knew what she was doing. Overall, it is still great, if Edward was invited. Diesel 10, Lady, Splatter and Dodge were the first movie characters to be introduced so far. Stanely will be the next movie character to appear in TGD.moreless
  • Awesome movie for an awesome show.

    I now have the movie on tape and it is awesome. Diesel 10 and "Pinchy" are all so funny! The voices of most of the trains sounded weird, and ladylike. I guess they were played by different people, maybe, oh, I don't know- GIRLS! Percy sounded the most like the girl, and I'm like: Okay, weird! I wish more engines would of been in the movie. Edward should of been in it, and the newer engines should of been too! Maybe Duck, Donald, Douglas, and MORE! It was weird how all the people in this movie were real humans, but in the picture of Lady Hatt, she looks like one of those other animated people, and that was weird and funny, but mostly weird. Not joking. STILL, this movie rocked. I could watch it over and over again and NOT get bored! Okay, maybe I could of, but you see what I mean, don't you?moreless
  • The best day of my life was when I saw it.

    This is a great movie and I enjoy it/love it. I like this more than Calling All Engines! especially those annoying games in between. I would recomend Thomas and the Magic Railroad to any new Thomas fan. I also enjoyed the scene where Toby clangs his bell and makes the shed fall on Diesel 10. I also thought it was awesome when Diesel 10 was chasing Thomas and Lady. But my favorite scene is when James was in Now or Never -- It was a true classic. I actually thought it was a good idea to put in Shining Time Station, but I liked the older colors of the building and they should have had Schemer appear too in fact if Schemer came it would have been funny. Overall this was a wonderful movie and I wish there was a sequal. It could be:

    Thomas and the Magic Railroad 2 the official return of Diesel 10 Speaking of Diesel 10, he was much better in Magic Railroad than calling all engines!moreless
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