Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 5 Episode 27

Thomas & The Magic Railroad

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jul 14, 2000 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In one head-on shot of Diesel 10, a pencil can be seen on the right side of the screen next to the tracks.

    • When Thomas, Henry, Gordon, James and Toby talk about Diesel 10, look closely behind Gordon's tender when there are close-ups of him, and you'll see that there are no buffers behind it, and the tracks just lead into the shrubbery behind.

    • You notice when Lily meets Junior for the second time there is a pile of Gold Dust on the counter where Mr. Conductor's house is and Lily asks Junior to save some for her grandpa. But Lily doesn't take all of the Gold Dust but when she and Junior leave there is no more Gold Dust on the counter.

    • When Diesel 10 chases Thomas under the bridge, Thomas has his happy face on when he's not supposed to.

    • During the "Really Useful Engine" song, the captions say "Now he's got a workshop..." instead of "Now he's got a branchline..."

    • In some scenes, Clarabel faces the wrong way.

    • When Diesel 10 falls off the viaduct, look closely at his very back window and you can see Pete Boom, the man who fell off Diesel 10 in the trailer, wiggling a bit!

    • Throughout the whole movie the human actors use the term "railroad" while the engine characters and whatnot say "railway".

    • At the end Mr Conductor gives Junior his hat and says "This is the way". Junior sparkles away with the hat still on. About a minute later Mr Conductor has the exact same hat on when he returns to Shining Time Station, we know this because it has the same number on it. He wouldn't have got the hat back off Junior that fast!

    • When Lady is brought back to life again, we see her and the gang go out of a tunnel in Burnett's workshop. Then we see her going along the Magic Railroad, but how did she get onto it ? Just exactly how many entrances are there
      onto "The Magic Railroad"?

    • When Lily gets in Burnett's Chevrolet Truck we see Burnett shut his door, but not properly. In the next shot it is shut properly.

    • When the flower phone jangles at the end of the movie and Mr. Conductor answers it, look carefully and you can see a big wire to the left of the screen tugging at it to make it move.

    • Lady and Thomas were on a seperate line from Diesel 10 at the time of the chase but when Diesel 10 falls off the bridge he was on the same line as Lady and Thomas!

    • Throughout the whole movie, Diesel 10 is referred to as "Diesel". But just who is being talked about - D10 or Diesel?

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • Pictures from "Time for Trouble", "Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach" and "Tender Engines" are seen in Sir Topham Hatt's office.

    • A Human villian named PT Boomer (Played by Doug Lennox) was removed from the movie due to being dubbed too scary by test audiences

    • Edward is not featured in this movie.

    • Throughout the movie, Burnett Stone doesn't smile at all. It isn't until the end when he is happy again.

    • The engines all have voice actors in this movie instead of a narrator doing their voices like in the series.

    • Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller is only in the movie via phone calls.

    • Featured engines and other characters:
      Thomas with Annie & Clarabel
      Diesel 10
      Dodge & Splatter
      Cranky (at Knapford when D10 emerges from shed)
      Faceless Horrid Lorry/Lorries

    • First appearance of the non-polished model engines.

    • The model sequences were filmed at a studio in Canada (rather than Shepperton, London as the TV series is) and some real-life railway scenes were filmed in Canada. Other filming locations include the Isle of Man.

    • In America, this movie was released Wednesday, July 26, 2000. It came out on VHS and DVD October 31st.

    • From here on, Thomas has a new face that so far, has been his normal face.

    • There is a full guide for Shining Time Station here on TV Tome. Simply type the show name into the 'Site Search' box and there you go.

    • For British fans of Thomas & Friends, Shining Time Station was a popular childrens show that was broadcasted in America and that made Thomas very big there. Mr. Conductor was a little fellow that used to present the Thomas stories when the children at the station payed him a visit.

    • For some strange reason, none of the engines have drivers or firemen.

    • First appearance of Diesel 10, Dodge & Splatter and Lady.

    • After the shed falls on Diesel 10, there is a shot where Henry is angry and going backwards in the station. If you look closely at the backround, you can see Butch the Sodor Recovery Unit.

  • Allusions

    • There are three references to the TV series; The fly buzzing around James at the start is a (possible) reference to "Buzz Buzz", Henry feeling sick and having to use special coal to feel better is a reference to "Coal" and Bertie challenging Thomas to a race is a reference to "Thomas & Bertie".

    • :
      The names of at least two stories were mentioned: "Better Late Than Never" and "Make Someone Happy".

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