Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 2 Episode 26

Thomas & The Missing Christmas Tree

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 23, 1986 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Thomas & The Missing Christmas Tree
The Fat Controller sends Thomas to fetch the Christmas Tree for the Christmas party, but on the way back he gets stuck under a big snowdrift. No-one knows what has happened to Thomas, so Donald & Douglas go out to look for him. Will Thomas get home in time?moreless

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  • Thomas must get a large Christmas tree for a party, but runs into trouble.

    In a solid Season 2 finale, Thomas must get a large Christmas tree for the island's grand party, but he gets in deep trouble when he gets buried in snow. The Scottish twins, Donald & Douglas set out to help, and somehow they get him uncovered. They make it back in time, and nearly every character that has been in the show so far is seen, even the Diesel, who was supposed to of been sent home. Get him out of here! I loved Harold's entrance, who also brought Father Christmas. This was a great episode and great ending to a great Season 2.moreless
  • Thomas is sent to collect an important Christmas tree for a party, but runs into great difficulty because of snow.

    My favorite of the Thomas Christmas classics. It has been since I was quite little. I think it is the excellent finale, which assembles a great deal of the core characters of the first two seasons. Donald and Douglas provide key supporting roles, which became more and more of a rarity as time progressed. This also marks an occasion where Thomas has snow trouble by total accident (avalance) as opposed to his own neglect of a snowplow. It's a prime example of characterization. I also love the background music and, as always, the model makers have provided us viewers with realisitic, enjoyable shots of snow-laden country. A Thomas winter adventure to remember!!moreless
  • One of the best Christmas episodes

    Christmas is in the air again and the engines are all excited. The Fat Controller instructs Thomas to collect the Christmas Tree. The tank engine is entusastic for the party tonight. But on his way home, he gets stuck in the snow and is covered! The engines are anxious and The Fat Controller explains Thomas left the works but they have no other information. Donald and Douglas set off and soon reach a large drift. A windy noise turns out to be Thomas and soon he and the tree are rescued. The three set of home and they arrive at the station and the party begins. Suddenly, Harold lands and brings Santa! Thomas is happy at how this Christmas turned out.

    What a beautiful way to end the Christmas season. We see lots of charecters again and the plot is well done and brings back old memories. See you again soon Season Two!moreless
  • The best thomas christmas episode ever!

    Its christmas on the island of sodor and thomas is sent to pick up a christmas tree by the fat controler and on thomas`s way back from the harbor he gets stuck in snow. worse to come he gets more snow on him. the engines are impatient and excited about the christmas tree. the fat controler sends donald and douglas to find thomas with their snowplouges and when they came to a snowdrift they did not know what it was untill they heard someone say help and they thought it was thomas and it was thomas! They rescued thomas from the snow and went back to the sheads when the fat controler told them to go to the big station. when they went their there was a big suprise for them. It was all their friends and santa clause! Thomas was very happy. this was the most magical episode for thomas. I give this episode a 9.2 out of 10.moreless
  • This is the best season finale in thomas history!

    I loved this episode! It\'s really why I watch this series. Originally it was based on a annual that Christopher wrote in the late 80s. My fav scene is when thomas puffs into the junction and all of the engines that were introduced come back to surprise thomas! I also like the scene where thomas got stuck in the snow and Donald and Douglas came and saved him from the snow drifts. The thing that really bugged me was Daisy, one of my favourite characters, didn\'t come back for the final goodbye. I also liked when Santa Clause showed up and shaked The fat controller\'s hand! It was a truly remarkable episode. Something that you don\'t see in the series today.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • Why is Thomas wearing his grumpy face as he collides into the snow? Shouldn't he be surprised?

    • Tidmouth is mistakenly referred to as the Big Station.

    • A camera tripod is seen when Donald and Douglas set off to find Thomas.

    • Goof: Either Donald or Douglas is missing an eyebrow in one of the scenes.

    • At the party at the end of the episode, there is a shot inserted (where Ringo said "everyone cheered and the party began") where the engines are rearranged. For example, Edward is now at the platform instead of next to Duck, and Thomas is now on a track next to Harold instead of in front of the station next to Percy.

    • This is the second time Thomas has got stuck in a snow block as it first happened in season one's "Thomas, Terence & the Snow".

    • This is the second Christmas episode in which the characters all wear Christmas hats at the end, the first episode being season one's "Thomas' Christmas Party".

    • This is the second time Duck looks after Annie & Clarabel, the first time being in the previous season two episode, "The Runaway".

    • The American Version of this story is hardly different from the British Version.

    • When the engines are whistling loudly, Henry and Gordon are smiling, and not looking cross like Donald and Douglas.

    • In several scenes near the end, Donald & Douglas' nameplates are missing.

    • Henrietta and Daisy aren't seen at the party.

    • Diesel is seen at the Christmas Party but wasn't he supposed to have been sent packing?

    • RESPONSE TO ABOVE GOOF: Well, it is the season of forgiveness after all so perhaps the Fat Controller decided that Diesel should be invited.

    • In the scene where Harold is landing you can clearly see the wire holding him up.

    • When the engines are whistling loudly, one of the twins has Edward's face.

    • Thomas doesn't have the tree in one scene, and in the next scene he does.

    • Duck is called Doug on the closed captioning on the "Tis A Gift" video. Even worse, when this episode was shown on such a video, all sentences with the mentioning of the Fat Controller are just edited out and not redubbed by Starr! WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!

    • In the aerial shot of the station when the lights come on at the end, we can see that Bertie the Bus is clearly stationary towards the back of the shot and also has no Christmas hat on like all the engines and other such characters. However, not long after this shot we see a close up of him WITH Trevor and Terence and also he now has a hat on. Obviously the Stage Hands people forgot about him at first and then remembered to fix him up later!

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Thomas: It's no fun getting stuck in the snow, but it was worth it for this party. Happy Christmas, Percy. Happy Christmas, everyone!

    • Thomas: (in snow) Help!
      Donald: Hush! I can hear something.
      Douglas: Probably the wind.
      Thomas: Help!
      Donald: No! Listen!
      Thomas: Over here!
      Donald: Och! It's Thomas!
      Douglas: Come on! The poor wee engine must be frozen to the frames in there!

  • NOTES (7)

    • Appearances by Thomas, Donald & Douglas and the Fat Controller.

    • After this season, Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton left to produce TUGS. David Mitton then returned for the third season, of which filming began in 1991.

    • An instrumental version of the "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" song from Season 1's "Thomas' Chrismas Party" is heard at the end.

    • This episode has the most ever engine and vehicle characters featured: Thomas, Annie & Clarabel, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald & Douglas, Bill & Ben, Diesel, Boco, Terence, Bertie, Trevor and Harold, making a total of 20 appearances.

    • Stock footage from the previous season's "Thomas, Terence & The Snow" is used when Thomas tries to back out from the snow.

    • First debuted with Ringo Starr as narrator in the US for "Shining Time Station", but narration by George Carlin featured on the video the episode was released on.

    • This is Ringo Starr's last episode as the narrator.