Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 4 Episode 22

Thomas & The Special Letter

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM May 10, 1995 on ITV
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Thomas & The Special Letter
Thomas, Percy and the others are invited to "the big city faraway" by a little girl as well as her friends who would like to meet them. However, Thomas becomes overexcited and has an accident. Will he be mended in time for the visit?

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  • Thomas and his friends receive a letter from a young girl who wants to meet them, and they set off to a big city station to meet her.

    "Isn't it wonderful what happiness a letter can bring?" Not only is this a very special 100th episode, but it also is one of the final stories to draw from Awdry works. It has a somewhat typical, child friendly plot, and there is really very little action, aside from Thomas' accident which is pretty well done. This episode is also quite notable for having a large cast of engine characters, unfortunatly, very few of them have anything of value to do, and they just take up background space. Still, this is a classic and memorable episode marking a Thomas and Friends milestone.moreless
  • This is a good idea for a 100th episode.

    This episode is great! Thomas and his friends go to the engine shed and Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller) says that they're going to the Big City (London) to meet a 5-year old girl who sent them a special letter. Meanwhile, Thomas and Oliver talk about his race with Bertie the Bus, and then gets into a serious accident! How silly he is! Then he goes to get mended, hoping that he'd go with the other engines. But Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller) says that they'll have to leave without him if he doesn't get there on time. But he does! And all of the engines have a big party!moreless
  • 100 down, many more to go!

    Thomas arrives at Elsbridge Station to see Toby and Percy, who are both excited as The Fat Controller has called an important meeting. Suddenly, lots of their friends come past. The three head to Tidmouth Sheds, which is crowded with engines. The Fat Controller calls silence and then reads a letter by a little girl asking to meet them. Then, the controller says he is taking his first eight engines there and that they must teach the others everything. Thomas and Oliver work with coaches, but the blue engine becomes a bit boastful and tries to reenactment his race with Bertie, but ends up driving down a hill! The following day, the engines are waiting for Thomas and are about to leave when he shows up and the eight head off. Later, Thomas and Percy talk about the happiness of the letter.

    Oh my god, one hundered episodes! That's a lot for a show about steam engines, but it's still amazing! Despite this episode being so wonderful, I wonder if it was the right choice. Personally, I think that Paint Pots and Queens would have made quite a good episode as it had flashbacks of season one and, of course, had the Queen of England! However, this episode was still quite good. Thomas' accident was so funny to see all of the engines looking down on him. All through the episode there was great direction and the charecters were used rather nicely, but there could have been a few more talkers. The ending was done rather nicely with all eight and the coaches around the room, and the spinning effect gave it an extra touch. So, one hundred episodes may be gone but hundreds more will come and bring more happiness than a letter!moreless
  • The Centennial Episode

    Thomas pulls into the station one evening, only to find that there is a massive gathering taking place at the sheds. The Fat Controller explains to the engines that because of a little girl's request, they will all be going to the Big City for the children to meet them. But later on, Thomas has an accident while he is showing off to Oliver. No one knows if he will be able to make it to the Big City. But he is repaired in the nick of time, and is able to join his friends at the station. They all depart, and have a great time meeting the little girl and all her friends.

    This was something that was bound to come sooner or later. The one hundredth episode of a wonderful show we all know as Thomas the Tank Engine. It has been a long journey since the first episode, and this was a notable milestone for Thomas fans everywhere. And what better way to celebrate than a trip to a faraway city?

    There are many notable points to bring out in this episode. The most important being the fact that while this episode was very different from its Railway Series counterpart, it has remained one of the most popular episodes in the history of the series. But how? The answer is simply that it was a celebration special, and that meant a reunion of many of Thomas' old friends. And then there is the dramatic feeling that was drawn up following Thomas' crash, which eventually lead to the happy ending of the story.

    Unfortunately, this episode was a representation of one of the final great memories that was given to us by Reverend Awdry. The last few stories of the season included a mix of Wilbert and Christopher's works, before the idea of Railway Series stories in television was abandoned after the Reverend's death. This episode was not only the 100th, but possibly the climax of the whole series.

    My own memories of this episode. Well, what's left to say? I remember recieving this story on video for my fifth birthday (I remember that because the little girl was five years old). From then on, I have come to know this as a true classic in every way. Never again will I have the feeling of watching this type of story for the first time, so it is something I cherish deeply. All in all, this episode gets an A from me.moreless
  • You can't ask for a better 100th episode.

    Thomas, Percy, and Toby are in the station when a parade of engines comes marching through to the sheds. Once they are all there, the Fat Controller stands to attenion with very important news; a little girl has written to Sodor wishing that she and her friends could meet the engines in the Big City (London, England). The Fat Controller agrees and has engines from all around the island to come to the Big Station and do the main eight engines' work while they are away. Thomas is too excited about England, that he sgows off to Oliver, and ends crashing through the buffers and into a brick wall, damaging his front.

    On the day the engines are supposed to leave, Thomas rushes in, mended, just in time, and the engines make their way to the Big City.

    This is a spectacular episode in the history of Thomas. It is based after the Railway Series' "The Fat Controller's Engines", but a slightly differernt storyline. Anyways, it is a wonderful remake of the orginal story. Congradulations to all of you on Sodor! The 100th episode!moreless

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