Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 2 Episode 18

Thomas Comes To Breakfast (Part 1)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 29, 1986 on ITV
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Thomas Comes To Breakfast (Part 1)

For many years, Thomas the Tank Engine has run his well-known branch line, and knows just where to stop. "You could almost manage it without me!" jokes his Driver. What a surprise Thomas gets when he tries to do so and pays the Stationmaster an unexpected visit!


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  • Thomas's arrogance results in part one of this latest trilogy.

    Thomas's driver jokes one day that Thomas knows the line almost enough to run it himself, but Thomas takes it seriously. The next morning, he sneaks out without a driver and soon figures out that he does need.. well a driver, for one thing! For some reason, he finds more rails that lead to nothing but a bunch of houses. There's no buffers either! He crashes into the stationmaster's home at the time of breakfast and gets the wife angry because he's soiled the food she has made. An disappointed Sir Topham Hatt announces a diesel, who we later find out is Daisy, will be doing Thomas's work. And ooh, I hate Daisy. Thomas, why did you have to do something stupid? (again)moreless
  • Whether you read the book or only saw this on TV, you enjoyed a classic goof.

    Thomas has been running his branchline for many years. His driver makes one little joke about Thomas being able to run it without him, but Thomas thought he was being honest. One day, an careless fitter gives Thomas his chance, Thomas finds that he can't go where he wants on his own after all. He crashes into the Stationmaster's house, and for some strange reason, the Stationmaster's wife was not too pleased. Donald and Douglas arrive to pull Thomas out of the wreckage. The Fat Controller is very severe with Thomas. He tells Thomas that while he is mended, a diesel rail car will substitute because "Diesels never go galavanting off in Stationmaster's houses." The moral of the story is best said by the Witch from "Into the Woods," which is "Careful the things you say, children will listen."

    This story opened a major inconsistency...the trains aparently are not in control, yet in every story, whether they have drivers or not, trains are responsible for their actions. Also, why would anyone live so close to the rails? Why was the wife the only one to react to Thomas destroying the house? Sure she worked hard cooking the breakfast, but she was more concerned with that than her own life? Was Thomas wedged so tight that it really was necassary for two large tender engines to pull him back on the rails? Do steam engines really go galavanting off to Stationmasters' houses? And throughout that entire time, did anyone even think a fitter could be responsible?moreless
  • my mum likes this episode she thinks it is funny

    thomas's driver told thomas that he could manige withouthim and thomas did not know that his driver was joking and thomas maniges without his driver and thomas crash though the staion masters house! and it was thomas"s drivers fault and thomas got himself in to trouble when he crash though the staion masters house and the next episode is dasiy working for thomas and thomas's front is badley bentid should thomas go to the works? or not? find out in this episode and thomas talks about diesals who will work for engines while they are mendid i love this episode in seson 2moreless
  • Thomas tries to move without his driver, and ends up barging in during a meal.

    "Engines don't go gallivanting off to breakfast in stationmaster's houses." This one has a simple, childish motive of Thomas trying to move without his driver, and ends up with one of the all time greatest trainwrecks. True, this is a bit more cartoonish than many of its contemporaries, but it also makes for lots of silly fun. You have to chuckle at Thomas' dilemma, and especially the stationmaster's wife's reaction to her ruined breakfast "Now I shall have to cook some more!" This was also the first time (in America anyway) that the Scottish twins appear, and briefly bring their own antics into the show. A definite comical treasure and one of the show's most iconic tales.moreless
  • Thomas gets some REAL food.

    I have this episode on tape and I love it! Its kinda short though. Thomas does good work one day. That night he brags about it to the other engines. The next morning he wakes up and believes he can do his work on his own. He starts going but realizes he can't stop. He rams into Sir Topham Hatt's house... KABOOM! And gets some eggs for breakfast. Yummy! I like eggs! Then Donald and Douglas come around and pull him out of the wreck. Then some engines come along and put Thomas on a flatbed car I think. Then they take off and Thomas gets repaired done, but this isn't all. Some jerk named Daisy comes along and will be, Thomas's replacement! Bum! Bum! Buummmm!!moreless

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