Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 9 Episode 3

Thomas' Milkshake Muddle

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 11, 2005 on ITV
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Thomas' Milkshake Muddle
Milk is used to make ice-cream and butter is used to make cakes. Thomas must collect both of these ingredients so as those two very things can be made for the summer party. However, it would seem all is lost when Thomas travels much too fast with the milk, which shakes it around so much that it turns to half-way butter…moreless

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  • thomas forgets to go slowley

    when i wacth this a long time ago the us one i found on youtube i like michal brandons vocie for the dairy maninger i found it on youtube and it was a us episode and thomas got in to trouble with the dairy maniger and how can you shake the millk and turns in to butter how can that work? can you tell me? how do you do it? there is no sign of donald douglas oliver toad stepney and duck well in season 11 murdoch and elizabeth are seen i think the oldies must be working in another lsland or somthing i dont know where they have gone well i'm sure they will come back in season 12moreless
  • More trouble with Sodor Science

    Every year, a special party is held for the children for summer. Thomas wants to take the children, but Emily is chosen for that job. Thomas' job is to take milk to the ice cream factory and butter to the bakers to make the children's food. Thomas is told to go slowly with the milk when he collects it from the dairy and does so, but Emily laughs at him for it. So they have a race and Thomas ends up winning due to the signals nad keeps speeding. At the Ice Cream Factory, the milk is half churned to butter! Thomas goes to collect new milk, but instead races to the dairy and the milk is now butter! The Fat Controller praises his clever idea by making him the special guest! This isn't a favourite episode of mine, but it has some good ideas in it. The main thing I liked about this episode was that it tried to show some scientific facts, but didn't quite get there. At the speed Thomas was going at, it would have been butter by the time he reached the factory. Also, with in knowledge how practically anything relating to something bad in the news gets banned nowdays, this episode could be banned itself with the rising price of food around the food and Thomas wasting a lot of it. Now, onto the storyline. I still think it is bloody awful how they always have storylines with parties in them now. Their must be a bunch of awful parents on Sodor if they cart their children off to a party ever week under the supervision of some fat old man. But the worst thing is that engines are around to deliver important goods and take people to important places. Delivering cakes and ice cream to some children's party is waste of coal, water and time! And neither Thomas or Emily's crews would have allowed them to race with Thomas' load. And once again Emily was a cow again, no surprises there. And Thomas was given a reward for stuffing up! This is one of the worst episodes in this season, and the series!moreless
  • 'Nother good Thomas episode. Nice story plot.

    Yet another Series 9 favorite for me. For the goof I noticed, I did some research. Even though milk can turn to cream, if you shake for a long period of time, it can be turned to butter! (You just have to freeze it so it can solidify though.) Anyways, great episode, thought Thomas and Emily's race was kinda pointless. But Molly's cameo was a plus, even though she was properly introduced yet. All in all, 8 out of 10's what I'm giving this episode.moreless
  • Thomas makes a big mistake.

    Thomas is to deliver milk and to deliver butter. When he delievers the milk, he goes too fast and it turns into butter. Thomas was upset that he might have to go back and fetch the milk again. But, instead, he gets an idea that will make it alot easier for him and everyone else. What is it? Watch and find out.
Michael Angelis

Michael Angelis

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Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon

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