Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 3 Episode 7

Thomas, Percy & The Dragon

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 07, 1991 on ITV
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Thomas, Percy & The Dragon
Percy teases Thomas about the time that he got scared in "Ghost Train". But one afternoon, Percy gets stuck in a siding after a points failure and has to spend the night there, where he encounters a terrifying dragon! But will anyone believe him?

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  • i like the ghost train refires

    this is a great episode and in season 12 i agree with the other reviews that pirece brosdan dintnt narrat season 12 i wish pirece will say duck oliver toad murdoch donald and douglas murdoch and nevile's name but michal angerlas and michal brandon came back to season 12 but my dad told me why brosdnan didnt narrated seasoin 12 becaues he has a career to do i am not sure well the dragon appear once untill season 10 percy and the funfair then season 11 thomas and the light house i lke season 3 and in percy takes a punge percy tells bill and ben about the time that he braveley had to help thomas out in the rain but that is a refires of percys promise in this season but the story did not happenmoreless
  • In order to get revenge for the ghost train business, Thomas spooks Percy with a fake dragon.

    A classic sequel to Ghost Train. Although it's more toned down and childish than the original, and many of the the spooky effects are removed, it's still great fun. The music score remains beyond excellent. As in the original, Thomas and Percy play against each other, although there is a more prominent moral ending featured in this episode. A reinforcement of Thomas and Percy's friendship. The Chinese Dragon is an awesome McGuffin, a plot device that will remain a part of the Thomas canon forever. An excelelnt mix of comedy and terror. One if the more profound and memorable scary episodes.moreless
  • Watch out - there's a dragon about!

    One evening, Thomas is trying to sleep, but is kept awake by Percy, who teases him about the time Percy frightened him by pretending to be a ghost. Next morning, the Fat Controller tells Thomas he has a special to collect from the harbour. Meanwhile, Percy reverses into a siding, waiting for Henry to pass by, but then the points jam. Percy is stuck there for the night until the workmen come. That night, Thomas goes to the haurbour to collect his special. He is surprised to find that it is a paper Chinese Dragon for the carnival. The Chinese Dragon is placed on Thomas's flatbed and lit up, and Thomas sets off with it. One the way, he passes Percy, who is asleep in his siding. As Thomas passes, he blows steam at Percy. Percy wakes up - and gets a horrible fright when he sees the brightly light, teerifying dragon - though he doesn't notice Thomas. The next morning, Percy tries to tell the others about the dragon, but no one believes him. Just as Percy starts to think he imagined it, the dragon appears again, along with Thomas, who explains everything. Percy admits he was scared, but instead of teasing him, Thomas says that if he is able to admit he was scared, then that makes him brave. As a little kid, the spooky themed episodes never really scared me. But now as a teenager, they have their scary points. This episode is a classic spoky episode. The Chinese Dragon can give you a bit of a fright, especially being lit up so brightly on a dark night. I wouldn't want to run into it in the dark! After this episode it is a long time before we see the beast again, but it is just used as a prop for carnical themed episodes(though at the same time, it's nice to see it). In all, I class this as one of Season Three's best.moreless
  • A different version of spook

    Thomas and Percy are good friends but Percy is being very teasy. One night, he jokes about the ghost incident much to Thomas' annoyance. The next day, The Fat Controller instructs Thomas to collect a special load from the docks that night. Near the end of the day, Percy is waiting in a sididng when he's told he can't leave it! Meanwhile, Thomas has collected his special- a paper dragon! Covered in lights, it looks spooky. As he passes Percy, Thomas accidentally frightens his friend! Percy tells Gordon the next day, but he just ignores him. Soon, everyone teases Percy. But at the station, Thomas arrives with the dragon and explains and the two become friends again.

    Sweet and spooky. It was reasonably good despite the corny ending and it was good to be reminded of Season Two. I know it isn't a very frightening episode, but the whole night scene was surprising!moreless
  • One of my all time favorites.

    This was a great episode. When I first saw this about 12 years ago I loved the Chineese Dragon. He became my favorite charachter even though he isnt reall one. I wanted ertl to come out with him in a toy but they didnt for a while. But they did. Percy is teasing Thomas and then Thomas has to collect a special a dragon. Percy is stuck at a junction. And when Thomas passes through it in the middle of the night he wakes up Percy and he is frightend. Then the other engines tease him. But later Percy gets over it. 10/10.moreless

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