Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 22

Thomas The Jet Engine

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Feb 04, 2003 on ITV
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Thomas The Jet Engine
Thomas is sent to the harbour to pick up a jet engine, but when Cranky accidentally turns the switch on with his arm, Thomas finds himself whizzing down the line!

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  • Silly and unrealistic, and yet one of the most entertaining episodes ever produced post-S3

    Generally, I refuse to accept any Thomas episode with an even slightly unrealistic scenario. This episode is the one and only exception I have to said rule.

    Thomas [and] the Jet Engine is a wonderful example of how a silly, but well-written piece of fantasy can turn out to be one of the most entertaining episodes of the show's Alcroft/Gullane-era.

    That said, I defy anyone not to at least chuckle at Thomas as he delivers the following line, whilst rocketing past Gordon:

    "Hi, Gordon...bye Gordon!"

    I cannot help but crack up at that line.

    When narrated by U.K. regular Michael Angelis, this episode is an absolute gem. It may not be 100% perfect, but the feeling you get after watching it is. Even if you're a stick in the mud for Season 1/2 Awdry-era/Railway Series realism, you'll enjoy this episode tremendously if you have a good sense of humor and can accept it in the vein of the Comic Relief charity parodies.

    In short, a must-see, and an absolutely great episode to show to your children - unlike most of the recent HiT Entertainment-era episodes. This one is pure, clean, family fun.moreless
  • Fast Blue Blurs

    Gordon enjoys racing along the line and boasts about being quick. The other engines are quite annoyed with him. The Fat Controller asks Thomas to collect a jet engine from the docks. Percy is puzzled so they explain how it works. As Thomas puffs away, he wonders what it'll be like to go fast like Gordon. He reaches the docks and Cranky is unloaded the jet engine. Thomas annoys him and the crane activates the jet engine on accident! Now the tank engine is being propelled along the track! James, Percy and Henry are all shocked as he speeds past. He even goes faster than Gordon! It runs out of fuel and Thomas pulls into Knapford. Gordon leaves after being teased. Runaways aren't that commom in the newer episodes. There are a few in later seasons but this is one of those valued ones. This episode was alright. For one thing, I liked how it started off with Gordon boasting and then getting his karma, as those sorts of episodes are quite funny. Also, a different form of karma seemed to happen to Thomas, and that was very funny to watch him being pushed across the island. However, there are a few flaws. For one thing, it is completely unrealistic. There are all the questions: wouldn't he have derailed? Why was it packed with fuel? How did Gordon manage to get in front of a speeding Thomas on the same line? All these mistakes have made it the most goofed episode in the series and has given it a bad name. Also, Percy's idiocy realy annoyed me but Cranky's crankiness was another one of those good laughs. And we got to hear the William Tell Overture again! So, if Britt had paid some closer attention to what was going on, then this episode could have beeng great. But it is another one of those ones sadly ruined.moreless
  • Unrealistic - but good and I liked it.

    Gordon is the fastest train on Sodor and one day he broke the record when he arrived at Knapford, but the other engines weren't impressed. The Fat Controller tells Thomas to collect a special from The Docks, a new Jet Engine, where he had to take it to the Airfield. Thomas was very excited he liked to do specials for The Fat Controller but secretly, he wanted to be as fast as Gordon - just once. When he arrived at Brendam Docks, Cranky was unloading the jet engine, but Cranky was being cranky and taking on time. Thomas hurried Cranky, who was so cross and cranky, that he accidently switch the the jet engine! Then, the engine grew louder and louder and... Thomas was steaming along woth the Jet Engine! Thomas thought it was fantastic, he puffed pass stations, pass Henry,c James and Percy, and all of them were amazed. Then Thomas saw Gordon ahead. Gordon was dreaming he was the fastest when... Thomas puffed past the big blue engine, making Gordon very surprised. Thomas was feeling very happy but thyen the fuel from the jet engine went out and Thomas began to go slower than ever. At Knapford Station, Gordon was already there (I don't know how he arrived there before Thomas!). Thomas was very sorry he overtook Gordon, who furiously says that he didn't notice. Percy's sorry for Gordon, and says that a steam engine doesn't need to be fast, and Gordon wheeshes away.

    I think this episode was unrealistic but very good an interesting to see. Well, as it's stated on the goofs, the rails could melt with the Jet Engine, and there were too many goofs on this episode. Wilbert Awdry didn't made stories about the engines discussing who was the fastest, and never created a so unrealistic story, but anyway, this HiT's jobs. The Fat Controller's mum can be briefly seen in this episode, and a piece of Gordon's theme is heard in the brackground when Thomas is being pushed down the line.

    Like I say, if this would happen in real life, it would be terrible for who's driving the engine, the engines might melt, and the fireman and driver would maybe die in the heat. Wilbert and Cristopher Awdry respected the realistic things, and their stories were never unrealistic like a few other stories on Thomas and Friends. Wilbert's stories where very realistic and very imaginative he created everything that might happen in real life, but if he was still alife, he would complain about the bad unrealistic sotries from Thomas and Friends, this might be a good episode, but was aswell very unrealistic, althought I like it. Cristopher Awdry's books were not as good as Wilbert Awdry's books, but he would always respect the word 'realistic'. He might have written stories that the accidents and story plot was imaginative, but if they were televised, it would be a big disaster. Like duckfan8 says on the description "Very unreaslistic" and rates the episode 8.0 / 10, I have to agree in that, but the episode could have a better story line and improvement. So, overall I'll give this unrealistic episode 7.7 / 10, although it was good and I enjoyed a bit in sime funny parts.moreless
  • Very unrealstic.

    This episode has thomas going to the docks to get a jet engine to take to dryaw airfield he gets their and cranky is loading the load on the low loader onto the tracks. thomas tells him to hurry up and cranky accedentaly hits the on button. this is where the episode gets very unrealstic. thomas shoots through the docks like a rocket and does not derail. he passes gordon and bertie who wants to race him and he says never mind to thomas. then when he passes gordon he is suprised that thomas is going faster then him. when the jet engine runs out of fuel it finnaly stops. This episode was not realstic as thomas is being carryed by a jet engine. I give this episode a 8 out of 10.moreless
  • A classic in the making!

    This episode is somewhat underrated and very unique. Thomas is given a very special job, to pick up a jet engine from the docks, but just what is a jet engine. He soon finds out after Cranky accidentally flips the switch on the engine and sends Thomas sky-rocketing down the line.Thomas finally gets to fufill his dream of being as fast as Gordon, The writting is suberb and it is a very fun episode to watch.moreless

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