Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 8 Episode 25

Too Hot For Thomas

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 24, 2004 on ITV
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Too Hot For Thomas
Thomas feels sad when he has to deliver ingredients to the Ice Cream Factory instead of taking children to the beach, but later feels much happier thanks to a nice little surprise...

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  • A Ice Cream Tale

    It is Summer time and all of the children are being taken to the beach by Toby and James. Thomas is upset as he is sent to collect ingredients for the ice cream factory. On his way to collect some chocolate, he sees James come past and decides to hurry so he could take some children as well. But he causes trouble when the chocolate chips fly into the air! Then Thomas rushes past the right track and needs to go back. But at the beach, the children need their ice cream and Thomas is sent to deliver them and becomes the star of the day and learns not to rush.

    Yawn. That one word simply describes this episode in all it's horrible sweetening glory. The worst thing about this episode: the star is Thomas, and the storyline is all about helping the children. I think it is time that Thomas realised that there are actually other people on Sodor apart from the children and try and deliver for them: you never see any stories when their deliver alcohol or office supplies. Disgraceful. And, this is another repeated storyline. We all know Thomas doesn't have to rush, just because he seems to have short term memory loss doesn't mean the people that buy the DVD or pay for the televisions have to be reminded every five episodes. Another thing is that the Ice Cream Factory is a) to small. b) located in the middle of the forest. c) has lorries to deliver the goods, not engines! And why does Sodor need an ice cream factory anyway? Just import, it's far more sensible. And the other engines had little to do with the episode. James and Percy had about one line each and Toby hardly used. Their not background charecters! Overall, this episode was very bad and should have everything related to it burnt.moreless
  • Thomas wants to take the children to the seaside. But, he has to deliver ice cream ingredients to the Ice Cream factory. All goes fine until Thomas gets too eager to leave early.moreless

    It's summer time on the Island of Sodor. Vacationer's are relaxing on the beach. Then, the Ice Cream Lady runs out of ice cream. After Thomas gets done delivering raspberry syrup to the Ice Cream Factory, he's then told to collect Cream, Strawberries, & Chocolate to make new ice cream. He collect's the cream, then he collect's the strawberries, but when he has to collect the cocoa powder, he wants to leave quickly. He tries to puff out of the yard but ends up delaying himself when he bumps the cocoa powder car behind him & it flies everywhere. After a long time, Thomas was ready to leave. When bring the ingredients back to the factory, he's then told to wait until the ice cream is ready so that he could take it to the beach. When Thomas gets to the beach, he found out that the children have been waiting for him to deliver the ice cream. Thomas then appreciates taking ice cream to the beach.moreless
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