Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 3 Episode 13

Trust Thomas

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 05, 1991 on ITV
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Trust Thomas
James is groaning because he has to deliver trucks to the quarry. Gordon tells him that he should pretend to be ill so he doesn't have to do the job. Thomas soon pulls in and offers to deliver the trucks instead and so the two big engines slyly agree. Later, Thomas unfortunately doesn't realise that trouble is ahead just down the line and he wouldn't have been put in such a situation if it weren't for Gordon and James...moreless

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  • James tricks Thomas into taking his train, resulting in Thomas having a nasty accident.

    "You can't trust a thing that runs on rails." While Bertie may be a bit harsh in judging Thomas, there actually is some merit in that statement. James and Gordon play the antagonists in this episode to great effect. They come up with a ruse to get James out of his work, making Thomas the goat. I was very impressed with the writing in this episode, ehich integrates this subplot into the whole story involving Bertie's displeasement with the railway. The accident at the closing is one of the most iconic of the series, and the aftermath helps Thomas prove himslef to Bertie and gives the big engines their punishment. One of the classics.moreless
  • Quite humourous actually

    I like this one - this episode was one of the first episodes to show how Thomas has evolved from silly character to wise and helpful. The accident was quite good too and i was glad to see Edward rescuing him with The Breakdown Train. the plot involves Thomas promising to help Bertie search for some tar to mend the roads. along the way, a B-plot involving lazy James and Gordon sidetracks Thomas straight into a muddy pool. this was hilarious - the comic duo of James and Gordon was certainly a highlight (showing how they have a strong friendship formed in James and The Express) but the episode really belongs to the toad.moreless
  • Good crash.

    Thomas enjoys racing along his branch line in the early morning. One morning, he meets Bertie, who is complaining about the railway for not delivering tar and Thomas decides to find it. James is also grumbling about taking trucks, thought Gordon tells him to have a fake sick day. They manage to get cheery Thomas to take the trucks, who decide to take revenge out of him! Soon, the trucks are loaded and Thomas sets off. But he goes down the wrong track and crashes into a railway pier by a river and flies into a bank! Edward and Duck help him out, and Thomas finds out were the tar is! James and Gordon apologise and Bertie is happy, and Thomas beams brightly.

    This episode was a bit cheesy for my liking, espically the ending. The crash was very good, though makes no sense in books, and it was a bit funny, but Britt took some ideas from Trucks and used it before that episode which was evil!moreless
  • Good ol' Thomas.

    Thomas wants to help "sick" James (who isn't sick at all, just a lazy engine trying to get out of doing work) by taking his trucks of stone to the Quarry, only to find some faulty points leading him to crashing through a dock, and into a muddy lake, where he unwillingly meets a friendly toad. Just like "A Better View For Gordon", nothing happened in this episode besides a major crash, which is one I'll always remember. With Thomas's and the other engines' teasings of Percy "taking the plunge", Thomas finally gets his desserts in this episode, which is the way I see it.moreless
  • Poor Thomas.

    James doesn't want to be pushing trucks. So, he tricks Thomas into doing his jobs for him. Thomas doesn't know that the trucks still wnat revenge. So, when they reach the points, the trucks push Thomas over the switches and into muddy pool. Thomas was then hauled up. He told Edward about the missing tar that was needed to mend the road. Edward made sure that the tar got to Bertie soon. HJames and Gordon apologize to Thomas for tricking him.moreless

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