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Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 2 Episode 25

Woolly Bear

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 19, 1986 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Woolly Bear
During the summer, Percy likes to help the harvesters by delivering their bales of hay to Toby, who takes them to the farms, to feed the animals. Unfortunately, Percy makes Thomas very late and cross indeed. Percy doesn't care until a crate of treacle and a hay storm cause some embarrassment...moreless

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  • Percy gets dirty again, but to his displeasure.

    Percy gets in a mess again. It starts when some treacle is weirdly dangling from a crane, which snaps and lands right on him. Then the wind conveniently picks up for the dry grass to blow and stick onto him, which gets him called a hairy caterpillar by the rude Thomas. In the end, Thomas is waiting for Percy again, but why? He has no cargo or passengers, so why is Thomas mad? Anyhow, another decent episode, but poor Percy and all these messes he has made or been involved in this season!moreless
  • Percy teases Thomas about ghosts but soon winds up as the butt of everyone jokes when he runs into trouble with hay and treacle.

    "Your ugly fizz is enough to frighten anyone!" Thomas and Percy really have a friendship on the rocks in this one, but sometimes they can play opposite each other almost as well as they can as a team. This one has a sort of comical situation-adventure that makes it unique and memorable. Percy has it coming right from the get-go, and the script is so well written that we know that something bad will happen to him by the end. The incident is totally original and I applaud its creativity. One of those certain Season 2 classics that can never be equaled.moreless
  • Who knew Percy looked like that without a shave?

    The grangers are working hard to collect all the hay from beside the branch line. Toby and Percy are helping them and are starting to hold up Thomas. Percy is still trying to tease him about the ghost incident, and the two have a war of words resulting in Thomas saying how Percy is a wolly green caterpillar. Not insulted, Percy takes some trucks to the docks. A crane drops some treacle on him and he is sticky. Even after a clean he is still dirty as they go past the hay. Strong winds blow hay all around and stop Percy. Thomas is waiting at the station when Percy arrives covered in hay! He rushes back to the sheds, but Thomas and Toby arrive and start teasing him.

    Thomas and Percy war episodes are always quite and there are quite a few in the show. If you haven't seen this episode, you must just for Wolly Percy! F.Y.I, the insult Thomas used on Percy was originally used from the Rev. on the first illustrator!moreless
  • A season 2 episode with "adventure".

    Every Summer, Percy stops by the lineside to collect hay that has been gathered by workmen. Toby then takes the hay to market. One day, Percy teases Thomas about being scared of his 'ghost' (a reference to the previous episode The Ghost Train/Percy's Ghostly Trick). Thomas is in no mood for this, and complains that Percy's been late every afternoon that week - despite the hay. Percy is disappointed, but has to continue on to the harbour. There - a crate of treacle splits open on him - he's sticky all over! Percy then has to try to get through the hay, which the wind is blowing all over the place. More than once his wheels slip on the hay, and he has to wait for the workmen to clear the line before he can start again. Meanwhile, Thomas is waiting impatiently at the platform. When Percy finally arrives - 10 minutes late - everyone laughs at him for good reason - the hay has stuck to the treacle and he's covered in it. Percy, of course, can't see this until his driver shows him in a mirror. He asks to be cleaned before Toby sees - but it's no use. Thomas tells Toby all about it. Instead of talking about sensible things like playing Ghosts, Thomas and Toby talk about 'Woolly Bear Caterpillars' and other things that crawl about in hay. They laugh, but Percy thinks they're being very silly.moreless
  • What's Treacle?

    Wooly Bear was a good follow-up for "Ghost Train" and it showed Thomas' revenge for the ghost incident. This is the second time in a row Percy gets covered in something -- this time it's treacle and hay! How does he live like a clean engine? What is treacle anyway? One thing to look for: When Percy is getting cleaned up, he is on the sunken tracks seen in "Percy Takes the Plunge." Another thing to notice: it must of been a challenge for the people controlling Percy's eyes in the scene with the mirror, for they are being controlled ever so slowly. It makes sense; they had to do it backwards! I didn't know hay could cause an engine to slip on tracks; but that's because I live nowhere near where hay is processed!moreless

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