Those Who Hunt Elves

TV Tokyo (ended 1997)


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  • Season 2
    • Those Who Still Hunt Elves
      The ancient evil that Tree Town was built to seal has awakened... and only Those Who Hunt Elves stand a chance at stopping it. It's time for an epic battle, a confirmation of friendships, and the most unlikely of saviors, in this, the final episode of Those Who Hunt Elves II.moreless
    • Those Who Dream
      Those Who Dream
      Episode 11
      It's complete chaos as Those Who Hunt Elves unknowingly get their hands on the legendary Dream Pillows, which can turn anyone's dream into reality.
    • Those Who Fight for the Leading Role
      Those Who Hunt Elves have arrived at Tree Town, 'The City of Seals,' hunting an elf rumored to have 1000 spell fragments on her body. However, things are far from what they seem to be, as Those Who Hunt Elves are forced to go up against the only opponents that can defeat them... each other?!moreless
    • Those Who Wait for Noel
      It's Christmas time in the Fantasy World, and Santas (yes, you read that right. As in, more than one.) abound. But, can even a Fantasy World Christmas restore Ritsuko's holiday spirit?
    • Those Who Protect Elves Sometimes
      Junpei and Ritsuko find themselves protecting a young woman from 'Friskers'... a gang of perverts that have taken to emulating Those Who Hunt Elves. But what will they do when they realize that the person they are protecting is, in fact, an elf?
    • Those Who Hunt Wolves
      Why have Those Who Hunt Elves seem to have decided to be Those Who Hunt Wolves? That is the real question, as they match wits (although that may be too strong of words) with a sneaky lone wolf who has a grudge against humans.
    • Those Who Are Cheated
      Those Who Hunt Elves run into their old 'friend,' the Judge, who has an offer for them that they can't refuse. Find a spell fragment on one of the students of a school for elf girls, or submit to being placed into his custody. But when it comes out that the school is one huge set up, can our heroes still prevail?moreless
    • Those Who Get Trapped by the Beanstalk
      Biological Warfare takes on a whole new meaning as Those Who Hunt Elves get trapped on an island being overrun by giant plants. And to make matters worse, Ritsuko's run off to try and rescue Piichii, by climbing a giant bean stalk.
    • Those Who Run the Universe
      Those Who Hunt Elves get caught up in an argument of astronomical proportions. That is... it's about whether the Earth is at the center of the universe, or if the Sun is. One side is willing to throw meteors to defend their views, and Junpei insists on standing his ground... with the other side. Is this the end of Those Who Hunt Elves... or will the earth move?moreless
    • Those Who Are ... Cursed?
      Celcia gets roped into studying a cure for zooanthropy (that is, a curse that turns people into animals.) Only a clumsy assistant inflicts Celcia with the curse itself, this time turning her into a small panda bear. Perhaps a local expert on zooanthropy can cure her... that is, if they can get to her.moreless
    • Those Who Want to Wipe
      Our merry gang of elf hunters have run into a little problem -- they don't have any more toilet paper! To make matters worse, toilet paper isn't something known on this world. Oh, what's a person to do?
    • Those Who Fish Elves
      When the spell to return them to their home goes terribly awry, judo-jerk Junpei, Airi the actress, and rifle-ready Ritsuko must rely on the egomaniacal elf Celcia to help them return home. Once again, they're forced to strip elves to find the magical tattoos that will teleport them back to earth. So join the elf hunters as they swim with sharks while looking for elfs!moreless
  • Season 1
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