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Well that was quick! A&E has already pulled its new crime drama Those Who Kill off the air after just two episodes, reports The Hollywood Reporter, probably from Hollywood. The series hasn't done well ratings-wise, debuting to 1.4 million viewers and then dropping all the way down to 830,000 viewers in its second episode. Compare that to its lead-in Bates Motel, which drew 3.07 million viewers in its first week.

Those Who Kill stars Chloe Sevigny as Catherine Jensen, a Pittsburgh detective who hunts down serial killers. It's based on a Danish series that only ran for one season in its home country due to low ratings, so I guess we should have seen this coming. 

The Hollywood Reporter took care to point out that Those Who Kill hasn't been canceled, and that A&E is looking for a new time period to air it in, because the "network likes the show and has faith that it can find an audience." But if that's the case, A&E has terrible taste because Those Who Kill is BAD. In the premiere, Catherine got thrown into a box by a killer, and then she got thrown into a box by a killer AGAIN. As in, it happened TWICE. And did you see Episode 2? It may have been even worse. But oddly enough, that's what I ended up liking about the series. And please, "looking for a new time period"? Like it'll do better on Wednesdays at 8pm or Saturdays at 7am? Sure, okay.

With Those Who Kill's yanking effective immediately, A&E has opted to push Bates Motel back an hour to Mondays at 10pm, with a Bates Motel repeat leading into it at 9pm. 

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