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Thank the heavens that there aren't as many serial killers on the loose in real life as there are on television, otherwise we'd all be dead. The latest television show to embark on the hunt for a sick and twisted murderer is A&E's Those Who Kill, an American adaptation of the Danish series Den som dræber. It stars Chloe Sevigny as a hard-nosed female FBI agent (so very Carrie Mathison) and James D'Arcy as a criminal psychologist who helps her out. Yep, another girl/guy duo chasing a bad dude who does awful things to people. Here's the trailer!

This might have been exciting five years ago before the schedule was saturated with this kind of stuff, because all I see are the same old cliches, right down to getting trapped inside a box at the very end. As far as tone, Those Who Kill looks closer to the action-oriented gore-glorifying style of The Following rather than the slow, psychological burn of The Killing. And that soundtrack, which sounds like a cat walking across a keyboard while a Dubstep preset is queued up on Garage Band, tells me it favors style over substance. I guess what I'm saying is, "Nice try, trailer, but no thanks!"

Those Who Kill debuts March 3 on A&E.

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