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ABC (ended 2004)


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  • Short-Lived Drama but Good!

    Although Threat MAtrix was a short-lived drama, I loved it. It was an amazing show, I just don't understand why people didn't watch it, or why it got cancelled by ABC. I loved Jamie Denton and Kelly Rutherford, plus the opening theme by Steve Jablorsky and Hans Zimmer was so good. They should bring more procedurals like that to our tv's. The terrorist and White House themed shows, like Threat Matrix and 24 sorta bring the chills when you're watching them, and it feels good. The writing and Directing was amazing, I just don't understand why it got cancelled too soon!
  • I called this show "24 - Lite"

    This show was a blatant attempt to try and copy the success of "24". It was a failed mission doomed to failure.

    The episodes were like watching 24 in slow motion. The actors were dull and uninteresting.

    Hopefully they wont try and do this again. Another show E-Ring was an even lamer version of this show that ironically lasted longer than Threat Matrix. Please people in Hollyweird, stop trying to copy 24.

    Oh, and did you hear? The Earth could be sterilized by a Gamma Ray Burst any moment - it would be like roasting the Earth on a spit. Everybody dead!
  • This show is brilliant, it doesn't matter if there are hundreds of other shows out there dealing with terrorism, this one did it well.

    This programme really deserved more than one season, like The Agency, it was priceless and entertaining. I can see why the programme was cancellled but it doesn't change the fact that the actors seemed to work flawlessly together. It was good to see Kelly Hu in something new having not seen her in anything since Martial Law.

    If only it had lasted longer. Executives seem to be going through a phase of starting somethinhg and then canning it after only one season, it's annoying, but I suppose it stops a show from getting exhausting, and from exhausting all possible story lines.

    I enjoyed this show, I thought it was entertaining, it was good to watch on a Friday night, it was a welcome break from school work, I just could have done with it for longer.
  • OMG why did they take this off the air, This show had soooooo much potential, yet they never took it as fair as it could go!!!!

    Great show, I can't believe it went off the air, very underappreciated. With all that is happening in the world today this show took a real life circumstance and mad it into a breathe taking, edge of your seat show. This show could have gone sooo far, yet it didn't have time to cause it got take off the air. If anyone has the time download it and watch every episode back to back I can promise you this you will have it in you dvd collection for the rest of your life.

    Bring The SHOW BACK!!!
  • They fight terrorism on a daily basis.

    This show is (since I'm watching it, and I live in Sweden and they have showed half the season as of yet) one of the best shows I know. Had no idea it was cancelled until I came here, so sad I really like it.
    It's a captivating show, but was cancelled, sadly enough.
  • By far one of the best dramas in the last year

    Threat Matrix is the perfect show if you like watching agents fight against terrorism. The plot lines are very very good and they will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are also very interesting they have there own problems and relationships with each other which work very well. There is a life threatening event every episode and it is definatly something that shouldnt be missed. All of the characters are a mix of F.B.I. and CIA agents who risk there lives to fight for whats right. I would recommend that everyone sees this show at least once.
  • Damn good tv show, every one how likes 24 likes this one...

    Damn good tv show, every one how likes 24 likes this one...

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  • Department of Homeland Security Agents try to stop terrorists

    This show was cancelled, which when i heard this was quite dissapointed i thought it was a very good show it was different than anything that had been done before. It was about Federal Agenets who stopped terrorists from doing terrorist attacks. There hasnt been a show like it done before so i thought it was quite good but obviously the rest of the US didnt agree with me.