Threat Matrix

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • This show is brilliant, it doesn't matter if there are hundreds of other shows out there dealing with terrorism, this one did it well.

    This programme really deserved more than one season, like The Agency, it was priceless and entertaining. I can see why the programme was cancellled but it doesn't change the fact that the actors seemed to work flawlessly together. It was good to see Kelly Hu in something new having not seen her in anything since Martial Law.

    If only it had lasted longer. Executives seem to be going through a phase of starting somethinhg and then canning it after only one season, it's annoying, but I suppose it stops a show from getting exhausting, and from exhausting all possible story lines.

    I enjoyed this show, I thought it was entertaining, it was good to watch on a Friday night, it was a welcome break from school work, I just could have done with it for longer.