Threat Matrix

Season 1 Episode 8

Under the Gun

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 2003 on ABC

Episode Recap

The homeland security team works with the FBI to find and stop a sniper who has been killing a person a day in San Diego, California.

The agent in charge for the FBI is Frankie's old ate and rival, Nicole Hill. In school, the two of them had a "fact" (Nicole) vs "fuzzy logic" (Frankie) rivalry. They both aced the course, but Frankie took top honors for the

Homeland security catches a break when the parents of the sniper call to say that they believe the person responsible for the shootings is their 17 year old son. Sadly for them, they turn out to be correct ... the young man has been killing people resembling the way his parents looked during the time that his father was forcing him to earn his $5.00 allowance by getting "credited" with a nickel for every hit he made in a backyard batting cage. Since the young man nearly got cut from a JV high school baseball team because of a 190 batting average, earning his allowance kept him swinging a bat long enough to make his hands bleed.

Because Frankie couldn't get the boy's father to come out of the batting cage and into the house, his son ends up taking pot shots at his father on "allowance day" - leaving the sniper team brought in by Kilmer no choice but to shoot and kill the troubled kid.