Threat Matrix

Season 1 Episode 2

Veteran's Day

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2003 on ABC



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    • Kilmer: Have you IDed the explosives.
      Larken: Judging from the blast pattern and the residue is was approximately 30kg of C4.
      Atkins: Manufacturers plant contaminants for identification - explosive can be traced.
      Larkin: The signature of residue is from the Holstein ammunition plant in Kingsport, Tennessee.
      Kilmer: Who they sell it to?
      Larkin: The US Army. That particular lot went to Fort Benning, Georgia.
      Atkins: Wait a minute. So the source is US Military.

    • Franky: Not much to profile they were both drinking sparkling water at the bar, OK maybe Muslim, AA or Morman.

    • Atkins: It's two days to Veterans Day, John.
      Kilmer: Yes, Sir.
      Atkins: The parade. Monuments. Washington's gonna be full of people. This was close. Too close.

    • Kilmer: You refuse to carry a PDA because you a bloodeye.
      Franky: You calling the deputy director names again, Kilmer.
      Atkins: Nothing that isn't true.

    • Atkins: No cell phone?
      Kilmer: No, I wish the new ones have a lot more than names and numbers; personal calenders, email accounts, databases.
      Atkins: And you wonder why I refuse to carry a PDA.

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