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Three Delivery

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When skilled martial artists Sue, Sid, and Tobey accept jobs delivering food for Wu's Garden Chinese Restaurant, they have no idea the adventures that await them. An evil man is trying to unleash his destructive power upon the world, and it's up to Sue, Sid and Tobey to defend and protect their fellow citizens. Theme Song: A side of rice, a little broccoli A flying bicycle, a secret recipe And on the way home, I'll solve a mystery Just another night in the city Delivery! (delivery, delivery) x3 Three Delivery! The flashing lights above China Town Giant footsteps are shaking the ground Boss doesn't care, you can eat in or take out Cause it's just another night in the city Delivery! (delivery, delivery) x3 Three Delivery! Broadcast History: The series premiered on June 27th, 2008 at 7:30pm (ET). It then changed to Thursdays at 7:00pm on January 30th, 2009 to make room for "Wolverine and the X-Men".
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  • This show is awesome!

    When Three Delivery first came out, I was very skeptical to watch it because it didn't look interesting. I watched it just to see what it was about and now I'm obsessed with Three Delivery. The animation could use some work, but it is an awesome show other than that. The plot is unique and the characters are cool. I now watch Three Delivery any time it comes on because the show is awesome. I anxiously wait for every new episode, wishing the days would pass much faster. Three Delivery is an awesome show and I would recommend it for anyone whom is looking for an interesting animated show.moreless
  • Chinese Food, Magic, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Kung Fu? What more can you ask for?

    I had my doubts about this show. But it was excellent. At the end of the episode, I was like, "PLAY AGAIN!" The animation, is much like to comic books and graphic novels. It's smooth, and great. The Voice Acting is excellent. Johnny Yong Bosch, plays the serious Sid, while Stephanie Sheh, plays Sid's clever younger sister, Sue. Robby Sharpe is like a newcomer in the Voice Acting industry, but he fits right at home as he plays the goofball with the heart of gold, Tobey. The story line is very original, as the three must protect Chinatown from the main Antagonist, Kong Li, by getting magical recipes for a magical. I watched Kung-Fu Panda, which I also enjoyed. And Three Delivery is similar to that because of its Chinese culture and Kung Fu! So trust me, if you dont like this show. Give it another chance. This show, is great. They need to add this show to regular Nick, to get a bigger fanbase than Speed Racer: The Next Generation. *puke*moreless
  • everybody is kung fu fighting!

    i have to admit, at first i thought that some person was just trying to make a show to get 15 minutes of fame but after i saw it, i realized that the show was diffrent than most kung-fu shows out there today. it dosn't completly focus on kung-fu itself. the main characters are the main focus. three teenage orphans, sue,sid and tobey each have their own traits and are not just copies of one another. tobey is a big goofball. sid is hard to explain. and sue is one of those tough girl smart girl characters. most kung-fu shows are just all about pushing people and making every character the same and not really caring about the characters at all. those shows are normally canceled within three to eighteen episodes. three delivery is probley the only REALLY good kung-fu show out there at this point. and (Like all of Larry Schwarz's shows) it has a really dumb, moron/oaf. barney. barney is really funny and he is like a comic relief. how manny kung-fu shows have funny characters too? it's on nicktoons network, like many great shows are. you have to love this show. it's well... LASER AWESOME! (if you don't watch nicktoons network, your not going to get that.)moreless
  • Good, but more could've been added.

    So one day my sister was wishing this and I'm like "What Is This?". The show looked interesting so I watched it and I'm a bit hooked. The main thing I actually like about the show are probably the characters and how it actually tries to be different.

    The main and supporting characters are well designed and the voice acting isn't that bad either. Some of the content on here is actually laughable. In my opinion, some of the characters are loveable.

    Like every show (or basically everything), it has weaknesses. The main plot of the show isn't fully constructed and a bit basic. And I was a bit confused in the beginning because many of the material such as the characters weren't well introduced. I first thought all of the orphans Sid, Sue, and Tobey were all related. Tobey is just a friend of Sid and Sue, who are siblings. The animation isn't the best either, though the staff claimed they've worked very hard on it. I would like to nit-pick a little more on it's animation, but I'll end it here.

    I also think it would be better if they would've added more sub-plots and villians that support the main plot. Like for example, instead of worrying about recipes, villians could attack Chinatown differently. Remember Prince Zuko from Avatar? He was a loveable villian and he explained why he wanted to catch Aang. He also wasn't the only villian. I'm aware the Three Delivery isn't trying to be like the Avatar, but it could've had more of a twist. Well, the series is still new, so I don't want to be too judgemental.

    Well the main question is, should this be on Nicktoons Network or Nickelodeon? To be honest, this should be moved to Nickelodeon because that channel has turned into a deserted land with nothing but reruns of Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, iCarly, Drake and Josh, and etc. It needs something new. It makes nonsense and is questionable on how both of these channels are failing. The Nicktoons Network should remove and limit certain shows so they can put show the classics (like Ren & Stimpy, Doug, Rugrats, etc.) more often instead of the stupid El Tigre, Edgar & Ellen, Kappa Mikey, etc. That needs to air on the regular Nickelodeon.moreless
  • Wow. What can I say? This is a great show! Nicktoons has finally outdone themselves to make a decent show. I love action and adventure!

    This show is just simply amazing. It's about three teenage orphans Sue, Sid and Tobey are trained and raised by Nana Wu to find the missing recipices of the magic cookbook and to fight the evil forces of Kang Li who is trying to recover the pages to take over China Town and the World. This show is packed with action adventure and comedy. The graphic is like a comic book which I thought was pretty cool. The opening theme "Delivery", is a very awesome opening that fits the acutal cartoon. I have to say that Three Delivery beats the other shows on Nicktoons and deserves to be on the original Nick. Three Delivey ROCKS!moreless

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