Three Inches

Syfy (ended 2011)


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Three Inches

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This show follows a nobody, Walter Speckman, who is struck by lightning and gains the ability to move any object with his mind... but only for 3 inches at a time. A recruiter who knows of super-powered individuals finds Walter and offers him the chance to use his powers to do good... and join with a team of other people with similar abilities. Walter accepts, but soon discovers that "good" and "evil" aren't as easy to differentiate as he thought.

Originally Three Inches was intended as a regular series, a 30-minute comedy. However, SyFy soon realized that it was very similar to another of their programs, Alphas, and chose to go with that series instead. They quietly aired the pilot as a two-hour TV movie on 12/29/11 rather than let it go to waste and then dropped the series without fanfare.