Three Moons Over Milford

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 06, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • I LOVE this show! It's quirky, funny, and it has an amazing premise!

    While the pilot is not the best episode of the series, it IS the beginning of the show, afterall. Thus, we must sit through it, even if it is slow: the exposition is a very important aspect and leads to a better understanding of the story as a whole.

    Everyone who thinks there's too much going on, too many characters (the lady w/ the ketchup, for example)...well, I just don't agree. Haven't you heard of filler? Guest stars? Structure/plot? This particular lady is not important, but her storyline provides us with a great example of a "moons thing," AND she introduces us to the diner owner and the lawyer; though we know these two characters because of Laura as well, this woman ties everything together (as do the other guests in this episode).

    I feel that the pilot calls for a lot of chaos, as we are being introduced into a newly-chaotic world. No, we do NOT see the world as soon as the moons have been split, but this show probably would not have worked if it had started out from the beginning; we HAD to be thrown in. And who knows? Maybe later, they'll show flashbacks. That could be cool.

    As for the acting, I don't see the atrocities some of you are seeing. The girl who plays Lydia, I feel, brings an excellent teen quality to her character: the "tragic" teenager ("I'm going to prison!" My life is over!). And that line...I LOVED the delivery: soft, knowing, and scared-to-death!

    And she gets even better as the show goes on. She'll grow; give her time.

    Elizabeth McGovern, well, she's a veteran; she's great!

    Perhaps you are concerned with Alex's "girlfriend." While the woman that plays her is not top-notch (no, she's no Emily VanCamp, or fill in your own favorite), she has some room to grow, and I think that she DOES grow in the next few episodes, especially when she learns the truth about Alex.

    I'm not going to go any further with this. As I've said, I love this show, I think it has some GREAT ideas/potential, and the acting is pretty good--if not spot-on in some places.

    And for the love of God, quit talking about Gilmore Girls! Three Moons may be similar in some ways (the campy situations, quirky characters, small town, and upbeat music), but who CARES! Nothing is completely original anymore! This is the mood the creators were going for, and I think it's the only one that works. In my opinion, it is not all that reminiscent of Gilmore Girls; I think it adds just enough and makes enough changes that it stands on its own, withOUT any comparison. Just my thoughts on that. ;-)
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