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ABC Family (ended 2006)


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  • I thought this was family viewing

    In ref to the one episode of 3 Moons Over Milford, I tuned in at 8 pm last Sunday evening on the FAMILY Channel. Was I surprised when one scene had a boy acting disrespectfully to the protagonist teenage girl, asking her to shower with him. - - Not only did the script have the nerve to be so sexually explicit, but the girl's part just acted slightly annoyed and walked away from him!! - - If this was an episode of "Happy Days", the boy would have invited the girl to "inspiration point" (VAGUE sexual inuendo) and "Joanie" would have slapped his face!!!

    Later in the episode the dorky neighbor man was bullied into showing his rear end by the nasty curmudgeon who was blocking the driveway. Couldn't the level of humiliation been achieved by making the dork dance the macarena or some other stunt like acting like a chicken?

    The point is this is the FAMILY channel. And I expected a much cleaner, and more CLEVER program. This script sunk to specific carnal references and goofy bathroom humor that gets laughs. Even a dull witted loan clerk like myself could put a thinking cap on, and come up with something that would be amusing, without bordering on vulgar.

    We have HBO and Desperate Housewives to give us the sexy and vulgar. We need Family Channel to show more integrity.
  • This is it, people! The worst TV-series ever made!

    This is it, people! The worst TV-series ever made!
    From its “The Sims”-like music to its indescribably awful acting, pitiable dialogs, worthless script, dim-witted plot.
    The acting . . . oh boy, where do I start? It’s enough to say that, if any cast member is accidentally set on fire, I bet that he or she would have a hard time convincing viewers that it hurts.
    It is a life-changing experience. If you succeed in ingesting this festering piece of cinematic backlog in one sitting, you will emerge a new person. The watching itself may be painful, but it is ultimately worth the pain to be able to say with conviction, "I survived Three Moons Over Milford and I'm still technically alive." But for those who haven’t tried it yet . . . Warning: Watching it will be like taking a hot fork and shoving it in your eye socket whilst biting your tongue off!

    So many good TV series are being cancelled and this garbage gets an entire season and probably season 2 when it should be ditched from the pilot. What can I say . . .it's a mystery. . .
  • Eh. It's middle of the road.

    Okay, I like the general idea of the show. Any minute one of the many fragments of a shattered moon could come plummeting down and wipe out existence as we know it. Now tell me that isn't awesome. The nit-picking comes down to the details. The characters are too broad and don't function in a humanistic manner. I understand that world is about to end, so people may be acting a little weird, but in order for it to work, they still have to act in some realistic way.

    The acting is kind of flat as well. The most interesting aspect of the show is the relationship between the teenager and the woman next door.

    I have a season pass to the show through my TiVo, and I'll probably watch it for it's entire run (that's if it even makes it to a second season), but I'll tell you one thing, I'm not expecting much.
  • This is just a terrible show..

    Slow, terrible premise that is just... dumb. I dont know what else to say. This show is not going to make it so you might as well move on to something else. Just take a look at the other reviews here. The show would have to do so much to keep me watching, like change the entire plot, re-cast EVERYONE. I have not connected with the characters at all, the show moves at school zone speed. Just terrible. I have sat through some terrible shows hoping they get better episode after episode. I don't really even want the show to get better it really just needs to end before it gets any worse.
  • A look at life in a small town when the moon splits into 3 pieces. Also, this show is a "Desperate Housewives" version of the end of the world.

    OK. I for one loved this show up until the third episode. I thought it was super, but then the storyline started going down the hill. This show centers on the Davis family, and their small town. The town is thrown in to turmoil when, one very peaceful day, the moon suddenly splits into three peaces. This show is very ridiculous, and very mediocre. I just regret waisting my time on a series like this. It wasn't the show where i was going to be like 'oh, i just have to watch that.' But i wasn't expecting it to be like this.
  • Calling it Quirky Doesn\'t Make It So

    Listed all over as a “quirky” comedy, the writers must have hemorrhoids after the strain of forcing “quirkiness” without creativity, intelligence or any semblance of real humor.

    The device of a comet smashing the moon into three parts is used to let all the inhabitants of this small town “live for today.” With no hope for living beyond a few days, these people do not do what we would expect…there is no mass lawlessness or genuine loosening of inhibitions. Children still attend school; people still sue each other over egress through property lines; and people still buy houses.

    The writers disrespect the audience with every line, stretching credibility beyond stupidity. What we have is a dozen or more characters who all attempt to scream quirky, charming, and innocently funny. Notice the word, “attempt.” It fails.

    Where is the real creativity shown by the writers of Nip/Tuck, Twin Peaks, Desperate Housewives, Dead Like Me, Eureka, Gilmore Girls, etc.? There is none of the humor or intelligence seen in these other series. Saying something is quirky does not make it interesting.

    I expected so much more from the show’s promise. For some reason, I have sat through episodes with the HOPE that this could become my new guilty pleasure. Despite an obvious low-budget effort, it doesn’t even achieve qualities of campiness. It has all of the panache of an after-school special. And even though it shows on ABC Family, one can’t even blame an effort to be family-friendly on the failure. Even themes of bedhopping. Witchcraft, arson, voyeurism and statutory rape raise all the interest of cottage cheese.

    Please drink plenty of coffee before sitting through an episode. I’ve never taken the time to write or pan any show before, but I feel as if I’ve been set up and can never get back the several hours I’ve spent watching this show. Without prior expectations, I’d give it a C-, but after raising my hopes, it rates a D-.
  • Turning into a soap opera!

    I liked this show initially, but it's quickly turning into a soap opera instead of the quirky sci-fi show it promised to be. The last episode was far too wrapped up in who was dating whom and everyone's love life. I'm already very tired of the relationship between the 2 main characters.

    I'd like to see more story lines like the one where the high school burned down. Next week's episode looks more promising - I hope it's a sign that they're turning this around. The relationship stuff should not be the main story, but part of the background to the other stuff going on.
  • Well it could be worse, right? A drop of sci-fi and a storyline of a watered down Gilmore Girls. Retooling this show would be a waste of time.

    The lovely Elizabeth McGovern was the only reason I watched it. Had to get that out of the way.
    Well the science was COMPLETELY ignored and reduced to a gimick. When someone wants to act out they call it a "Moons Thing" I call it lunacy. So the worlds going to end..
    why not pour ketsup on your head and sue the restaurant?
    Does that sound like a plot worth following? Apparently the writers did. Everyone knows when the end comes we all want to sue someone. (insert sarcasm here)
    I was disappointed.
    It's ANOTHER Canadian "Dramedy".

  • “Three Moons Over Milford” does not match up to it’s competitor “Kyle XY”, but it is still a decent drama that is worth a look if you are looking for a quirky show somewhat along the lines of “Gilmore Girls”.

    I managed to catch the Pilot of “Three Moons Over Milford” on Itunes. ABC Family is not known for making hits. It surprised me with the breakout hit “Kyle XY”. “Kyle XY” was the first actually entertaining hit ABC Family has made. Seeing “Kyle XY” gave me new hope for the network, and for “Three Moons Over Milford”. When I first saw the previews for “Three Moons Over Milford”, I thought it looked cheesy. I was wondering if it could compare to “Kyle XY”. Then, like “Kyle XY” “Three Moons Over Milford” premiered on Itunes. The pilot for the show was interesting, and made me wonder how the series would develop in the future. It started off far-out and strange but it got better and more interesting as it rolled along. It was somewhat slow and boring at times, but at others it was fun. The storyline is cheesy, but they do it in a comic way that makes it fun to see. The series reminded me of “Gilmore Girls” in the way that it mixes comedy with drama and serious issues. The acting in the Pilot was mediocre from the main characters. Elizabeth McGovern who plays Laura Davis in the series, reminded me of Lauren Graham from “Gilmore Girls” in the way she performs her comedic roles. The Pilot for this series does get boring, but it also makes you want to tune in for further episodes. I am very interested to see where this goes with its further episodes. ABC Family is on the right track with its new series’ and this delivers potential for a future hit. The Pilot is promising, but can also get slow-moving and boring. You will get more and more interested and hooked as it moves along. To sum up this review, “Three Moons Over Milford” does not match up by far to it’s competitor “Kyle XY”, but it is still a decent drama that is worth a look if you are looking for a quirky show somewhat along the lines of “Gilmore Girls”.

  • When a metroid hits the moon and breaks it into three parts the folks of Milford worry its going be the end of the world

    Well this show is somewhat intresting but It needs a lot of work to keep me watching, if the next episode is as bad as the pilot was I'm switching the channel!
    This show is nothing campared to the other ABC family hit drama Kyle XY. but it could stand on its own on the sunday timeslot, but like I said it needs to get better.
    It reminds me alot of the gilmore girls, A matter of fact its like someone took Gilmore girls and threw mud in its face, kicked it to the ground, spit on it and come out with this show.
    The story itself is okay, so thats probably going keep me watching in hopes it will get better.
  • New show. Mother daughter & son living in a quirky little town and the moon splits into 3 pieces, and everybody is acting a little wacky thinking the world is going to end soon. Daughter burns down the Highschool. Son meets an older woman

    I think this show is fun, but it does need some fine-tuning. I really like Elizabeth McGovern and Teresa Celentano. They are great. Rob Boltin is kind of a hottie, I could see a romance in the future with his and Elizabeth's characters. Teresa is really good at her part and there is definite chemistry between mother and daughter. I've read reviews comparing it to Gilmore Girls. I think if you are holding it up to those standards it will fail. Nothing and nobody else in TV land is like the Gilmores. I think there is potential. I will be sticking around to see what happens in the coming weeks.
  • Feels like ugly step-sister of "Gilmore Girls"

    I feel like they put an effort in making this series. They definitely got decent casting and premise. But writing is just sub-par. When Gilmore Girls jokes zing every time, similar setup Milford jokes zing only once in a while. I know, dramedy is the hardest genre in television to write for. But it could have been much better right from the beginning.
    I still think that Milford is a decent show and way above most of what ABC family puts on the air.
  • First off, anything is better than the Gilmore Girls.

    ive got alot of things to say about this show so bare with me here. Ive been hearing alot of people comparing this show to the Gilmore girls saying that moons isnt as good. First off, anything is better than the Gilmore Girls. Secondly, if you like the Gilmore Girls you shouldnt be reviewing any thing. anyway, what i like about the show is the concept that at any time the world could end, also all the quirky characters give it a lite sort of feeling. Ive also heard its just not realistic ..... of course it isnt its a tv show. plus there has only been one episode so far, sure it wasnt the greatest but i have a feeling that as the story continues it will gain momentum. Does this show need some tuning? yes , Is it the worst show on television? no (Gilmore Girls).

  • This show was one of the worst shows shows I've ever seen

    This show, wow so many words come to mind, but they seem to be all negative. I sat through 2 episodes, thinking I wouldn't like the first one, but no, I thought the second episode was worse. What kind of town is like a bad version of the Gilmore Girl's Stars Hollow. They are so quicky it's annoying.... I don't think this show will make it to a second season, or atleast I hope not, that a big waste of space...well in my opinion, I think the moon should fall, and then we can get the show over with !
  • different

    This show was deffinetly different. I mean a show about how life could end at any time because a comet hit the moon, sounds interesting to me. I like the part when the daughter was trying to get the moons back together by doing witchcraft, and she burns down the school. I haven't really read anything about the next episode, so i don't know what to say about it, this sucks I am out of things to say and I am no where near the limit, dangit. Well, all of you can stop reading because there is nothing left to say.
  • This is a decent show, but it needs to step up to keep me watching.

    The whole story of a comet hiting the moon is interesting. However, there is nothing to really keep you watching the show. It's almost like a soap opera. Basically the point is to watch someone else's life going out of control. I think that this show has some potential and can keep me watching. However, if this whole soap opera setup continues I will be forced to change the channel. It is still too early in this shows career to tell which way it will go. Later on I may have to change this review for better or maybe even for worse.
  • Great new show. I can't wait to see what happens.

    I like it.. It's an interesting new concept. I think that it could be as successful as Gilmore Girls in time. Really.. what would you do if the world ended? How would you act? Would you lose your inhibitions or gain more? Go for everything or lose all you have because someone else does? What happens if no one cares that the world\'s about to end.. though like the show, it\'s probable that everyone will. I\'d like to know what would happen to the world, even if the world is your own little town, just as I\'m sure everyone else would.
  • How do people react when the world could end at anytime?

    In this show, we look at a few of the residents of the town of Milford, Vermont. Some time ago, a comet struck the moon and split it into three pieces. Now, people are acting a lot differently knowing they may not have much time left. Three of the main characters are Laura Davis and her children: sixteen-year-old son Alex and younger daughter Lydia. Laura is distressed when her husband leaves her to climb mountains. To make money, she goes to work for town lawyer Albert "Mack" McIntyre. Lydia attempts witchcraft to bring the moons together, but burns down the school. Alex meets Claire Ling, a twenty-nine-year old computer analyst and the two form a rocky relationship. Along with some other odd characters in this nice town, we see just how crazy the world can get when the end is near. This show wasn't half bad.
  • First episode, not so great. Second episode, much better.

    I recorded and watched both episodes last night. At first I didn\'t like it, but then I watched the second episode and I liked it. I think the cast will come into the characters after a few episodes and deserve a chance. I don\'t think this is a show that is trying to \"make a statement\", I think it\'s just a fun show. I like that I can watch it and just enjoy watching, without having some moral, ethical or whatever shoved down my throat. It reminds me a lot of a show years ago called \"Picket Fence(s)\". At first I thougth that was a strange show with the \"Log Lady\" and the rest of the characters, but it hooked me. I realized it was just a show, a fun show, it wasn\'t trying to teach me something, or anything, it was just fun. I think Three Moons is the same thing, it\'s just fun. Let it be that, don\'t try to compare it to Gilmore Girls, which I don\'t like.
  • I really enjoyed the show

    This show is really good! I liked it because it was a bit quirky but interesting. It is a show I will watch! I liked the whole family vibe and thought it was realistic the way each of the family members interacted with each other. It is trendsetting because of the premise and takes sci fi tv to a different level. The actors made the story more believable and they seem to fit together nicely. I also liked the way the towns people including the lawyer were a large part of the show. I am looking forward to watching it again Sunday
  • We are so disappointed with the cancelling of Three!

    Yes it was quirky, but this diversion away from everyday reality and that of reality shows was such a breath of fresh air! The Vermont spin on things was also welcoming... Can I get you a snapple? Call me touched, but I am with everyone else...bring it back! Please...! I do not understand how the network could cancel this quality show without properly ending it? At a better time in a better slot, this show would have pre-vailed...quality programming with quality actors and actresses. Have we forgotten what quality programming and family time in front of the TV is about?
  • This show has potential.

    This show is pretty good so far. Scince I've only seen the first episode I don't think I can really judge it yet. But let me tell you something, I definitly belive that this show has great poteintal. The charcters in the show are also pretty good, I would have to say that my favorite is the daughter Lydia. Intill recently had never watched abc family much, but after watching the first eposide of its new show Kyle Xy, I was impresses. Even though I don't belive this show is as good as Kyle XY I still think its a decent show and have a feeling that its only going to get better. This show may soon be one of my favs.