Three Moons Over Milford

ABC Family (ended 2006)


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  • First episode, not so great. Second episode, much better.

    I recorded and watched both episodes last night. At first I didn\'t like it, but then I watched the second episode and I liked it. I think the cast will come into the characters after a few episodes and deserve a chance. I don\'t think this is a show that is trying to \"make a statement\", I think it\'s just a fun show. I like that I can watch it and just enjoy watching, without having some moral, ethical or whatever shoved down my throat. It reminds me a lot of a show years ago called \"Picket Fence(s)\". At first I thougth that was a strange show with the \"Log Lady\" and the rest of the characters, but it hooked me. I realized it was just a show, a fun show, it wasn\'t trying to teach me something, or anything, it was just fun. I think Three Moons is the same thing, it\'s just fun. Let it be that, don\'t try to compare it to Gilmore Girls, which I don\'t like.