Three Moons Over Milford

ABC Family (ended 2006)


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  • I thought this was family viewing

    In ref to the one episode of 3 Moons Over Milford, I tuned in at 8 pm last Sunday evening on the FAMILY Channel. Was I surprised when one scene had a boy acting disrespectfully to the protagonist teenage girl, asking her to shower with him. - - Not only did the script have the nerve to be so sexually explicit, but the girl's part just acted slightly annoyed and walked away from him!! - - If this was an episode of "Happy Days", the boy would have invited the girl to "inspiration point" (VAGUE sexual inuendo) and "Joanie" would have slapped his face!!!

    Later in the episode the dorky neighbor man was bullied into showing his rear end by the nasty curmudgeon who was blocking the driveway. Couldn't the level of humiliation been achieved by making the dork dance the macarena or some other stunt like acting like a chicken?

    The point is this is the FAMILY channel. And I expected a much cleaner, and more CLEVER program. This script sunk to specific carnal references and goofy bathroom humor that gets laughs. Even a dull witted loan clerk like myself could put a thinking cap on, and come up with something that would be amusing, without bordering on vulgar.

    We have HBO and Desperate Housewives to give us the sexy and vulgar. We need Family Channel to show more integrity.
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