Three Moons Over Milford

ABC Family (ended 2006)


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  • This is it, people! The worst TV-series ever made!

    This is it, people! The worst TV-series ever made!
    From its “The Sims”-like music to its indescribably awful acting, pitiable dialogs, worthless script, dim-witted plot.
    The acting . . . oh boy, where do I start? It’s enough to say that, if any cast member is accidentally set on fire, I bet that he or she would have a hard time convincing viewers that it hurts.
    It is a life-changing experience. If you succeed in ingesting this festering piece of cinematic backlog in one sitting, you will emerge a new person. The watching itself may be painful, but it is ultimately worth the pain to be able to say with conviction, "I survived Three Moons Over Milford and I'm still technically alive." But for those who haven’t tried it yet . . . Warning: Watching it will be like taking a hot fork and shoving it in your eye socket whilst biting your tongue off!

    So many good TV series are being cancelled and this garbage gets an entire season and probably season 2 when it should be ditched from the pilot. What can I say . . .it's a mystery. . .