Three Moons Over Milford

ABC Family (ended 2006)


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  • How do people react when the world could end at anytime?

    In this show, we look at a few of the residents of the town of Milford, Vermont. Some time ago, a comet struck the moon and split it into three pieces. Now, people are acting a lot differently knowing they may not have much time left. Three of the main characters are Laura Davis and her children: sixteen-year-old son Alex and younger daughter Lydia. Laura is distressed when her husband leaves her to climb mountains. To make money, she goes to work for town lawyer Albert "Mack" McIntyre. Lydia attempts witchcraft to bring the moons together, but burns down the school. Alex meets Claire Ling, a twenty-nine-year old computer analyst and the two form a rocky relationship. Along with some other odd characters in this nice town, we see just how crazy the world can get when the end is near. This show wasn't half bad.