Three Moons Over Milford

Season 1 Episode 2

Shoot the Moon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 13, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • This show is very odd yet I really like it.

    After watching the pilot I felt a little disappointed. The actors were right on the money yet something didn\\\'t fit. After watching the pilot a second time I finally realized what it was.

    The humor is very odd. You see I am used to two kinds of comedies. Quick wit(Arrested Development) Contrived comedy(most of the half hour sitcoms that filter into television these days). The pilot fell somewhere in between the two. And this is not necessarily a bad thing.

    I read the reviews for the pilot and they were not too great, I called a close friend of mine who is also watching the show and he said that he laughed the entire hour.

    I watched the second installment of \\\"SHOOT THE MOON\\\" sunday evening and was very surprised.

    It was splendid. Maybe not perfect but I really enjoyed it. The characters seemed more familiar with their surroundings and fit in really well with the story. I am taken aback by Lydia\\\'s character. In my opinion they couldn\\\'t have gotten a better actress to play her. She is irritating but endearing and it works. Elizabeth McGovern is great as Laura, the actress could play a second rate homeless person on the street and I would still sing her praises. I guess the only character I am not thrilled with is this old girlfriend character (cindy lu, whatever her name is) she annoys me.
  • hmmm...

    I'm still not sure about this show. This episode was a little bit better.

    I find it semi-interesting and the actors show a lot of potential, I hope they meet it.

    All the stories involving the girl seem forced. The fire was forced and this love triangle seems forced too.

    The boy's arc is what really keeps me enthralled. But how stupid of him to move in next door to the girl, with his MOM! She's bound to find out that he's in high school!

    The company's lawyer is an --- hole!

    Mom and her lawyer boss seem forced too. The writers need to make things a little more natural, like the son's.