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This is a medical drama about an acclaimed transplant hospital and the team, which hold life and death in their hands everyday. The team is comprised of Dr. Andy Yablonski, the lead surgeon; Dr. Miranda Foster, a woman trying to live up to her father's reputation; Dr. David Lee, a resident more interested in his private affairs; Ryan Abbott, the new transplant coordinator struggling to balance the aspects of his job; Pam Acosta, the surgical nurse and Dr. Sophia Jordan, the head of surgery who needs to keep everyone in line. Every case is viewed from the perspective of the team, the recipient and the donor. This show is set in Pittsburgh at Three Rivers Medical Center, William H Foster Transplant Wing.

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    • Three Rivers - Superb

      What a Excellent Series. Phenomenal cast and excellent acting! Why did it end at episode 13? Will further episodes/series be made ever with the same actors?
    • Though I LOVE ALEX, this show is terrible! The medicine is awful, and the patients' storylines are never explored! Taking a patient off of a bypass machine after one lung is inserted...and then putting them back on...REALLY????moreless

      I agree with someone else's comment.....UGH! Bring back Moonlight! I think Alex is a great actor, but he definitely needs a better show. I love my medical shows, but this one is just sad....trying to hard to be "high-tech" yet, they cannot get simple things right. Seeing as everyone gets their ideas about transplants from television, they should try a little bit harder to give the right information. No, the donor family will not be able to show up at your bedside while you are still recovering from surgery...for those of you who were wondering! I'm hoping that the writing team gets better, for Alex's sake, I would hate for him to be canceled yet again, though I cannot say I will be watching much more of this show.moreless
    • I love Alex O'Loughlin and the show has a good concept but...

      I like the idea of a medical show about transplants, but the writing on this one does need to be improved. I don't think the show is quite as hopeless as some suggest, after all I've seen some good shows that had a rocky beginning before. Some shows are given a chance to improve and others are axed before they are even allowed to. Sadly, most shows fall into the latter category and Three Rivers will probably be one of them. If they are given a chance to improve, they should jettison all the techno toys (someone must have thought this was going to be another Star Trek show) and concentrate on good story telling and character development. (They probably put the techie stuff in there to bring in the young viewers, but clearly it didn't work.)moreless
    • Great!

      I really love this show! With all the lame "reality" shows, all the violent crime dramas, and all of the lame comedies, this one is a medical show that isn't all about doctors and nurses having intimate relationships but making difficult decisions, and dealing wit moral and ethical conflicts.

      It is something I look forward to every Sunday.

      It is good to have a variety of shows to choose from--I enjoy the crime dramas, and am a firm fan of Numb3rs, the Mentalist, Law & Order, Law & Order CSI and The Forgotten,(also the dear, departed, "Without a Trace") but I also enjoy a change. I enjoy "Jeopardy!" for its challenge mentally, "Wheel of Fortune" for sheer fun, Jay Leno for his take on politics, etc., and "Three Rivers" rounds things out nicely.

      This is the only medical drama I have watched in decades.

      Keep it up! Keep it going!moreless
    • I look forward to Sundays seeing "Three Rivers".

      I love it. Katherine Moening is a great actress on this show. Please don't cancel this show, the only show I love to watch. "Three Rivers" is a modern world medicine hospital. Its a show that is very interesting and wonderful. Yes, there are alot of medical drama series. But, this show is one that involves the patients, not the staff only like "Mercy" does. "Three Rivers" is a transplant hospital that shows compassion to its patients. That is a show I like to watch. I do hope that CBS doesn't drop the show. To me, I think CBS made the right decision putting "Three Rivers" on as a series.moreless

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