Three Rivers

Season 1 Episode 5

Alone Together

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2009 on CBS

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  • Three Rivers is a hospital for transplant patients where a team of doctors fight to save transplant patients and nab for the A list of organs that become available. Two Thumbs Up!

    This is a really good show. The team of doctors is great. Alex O'Laughlin (Andy on the show) is great. Those of us who have followed him since the last show he was on already knew he had the perfect bedside manner for a show like this. (and gosh how we miss THAT show!!!) I would like to see this show progress a little more into the personal side of the main characters. But this show is still very young, and I am anxious to see it grow. The technology on the show is really cool too. The show offers both sides of the whole transplant thing. From the organ donor side to the patient side. Very nicely done. If you like hospital dramas, you gotta watch this show!
  • Andy's wife Rena, a Detective on the Pittsburgh Police force partner gets shot during an arrest. Andy works to save his life under multiple problems. A man who's liver is failing gets on the nerves of the staff and needs some understanding.

    Slightly better episode than the last two with still some huge problems. In a lot of ways you can see this show trying to identify itself and come to some semblance of a regular storyline. Initially we saw transplants, transplants, and more transplants. The show seems to have morphed more to an emergency room show with the transplant being one part of the the two or so major storylines.

    We meet Rena, Andy's wife. The characterizations are such that we understand that the two are truly in love. This storyline makes no sense and just doesn't work. Based on their interaction they belong together, but obviously we are not privy to the many years they have known each other before. OK, we get it. Doctor's can be obnoxious, very uncaring, seemly robot type people. So can Detectives! Pu two together and kaboom! Andy's character seems like none of those things though. There is no basis for the characters to be walking away from each other. Very disappointing and chicken way of dealing with this storyline.

    We finally have a really empathetic patient in the Detective partner and his fiancee. Good job on this storyline and a well thought out plot line. This part of the episode really shined in general.

    The other story was based on another obnoxious character who is dying of liver failure. This seems to the commonality of many of the characters this series is writing about. Who really wants to watch a show about patients no one likes being saved by miraculous means. OK, so by the end we are suppose to now understand why he was the way he was, but really the whole bit about throwing up all over the place and making the racial comments etc. was probably too much for most people. There is just something extremely ironic about this type of story.

    The other part of this story with the West Virginia hospital was a little weird as well. It made the hospital there look backwards, and not being from West Virginia myself, sort of made it look pretty bad in general. That's like the pot calling the kettle black in my opinion as Three Rivers is in Western Pennsylvania, but to each his own. Reality is what you make of it.

    So no real surprise and some additional mediocrity to deal with again this week. I am beginning to like the hospital characters better. Especially Dr. Reed who should be a regular and Dr. Jordan. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. Thanks for reading...
  • There were moments,

    ...but not enough of them, and so scattered throughout a disjointed script that it didn't really matter that they ever existed.

    I have the same issues as always: trying to tell too much in too short a time to do it justice, too much dramatic embellishment to do the topic the service it deserves, and too many glaring inaccuracies to allow me to invest in the show or the characters. And on top of all that there is not enough depth to give the actors a storyline to sink their teeth into...and most of them are quite capable of turning in excellent performances if given the right stuff.

    This series just doesn't have any of the right stuff.