Three Rivers

Season 1 Episode 4

Code Green

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2009 on CBS
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When a bus carrying a group of high school football players crashes, the doctors at Three Rivers must all work together to save their lives. Andy and Ryan also have to find a heart to save another young man's life.

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  • A football teams bus crashes and the victims are sent to Three Rivers. We see all of the doctors rally to help the wounded and they are not always successful. A man is in need of a new heart and almost looses it because of no transportation.moreless

    Well they did have a few transplant cases involved here, but the direction of the show was mostly on the trauma of the bus accident.

    It seems the writers have seemed to loose their focus on the point of the show. Obviously this is a hospital with an ER, but I'm not sure if the show should be called ER or Three Rivers which is suppose to be focused on the transplant of organs.

    The main storyline here is the bus crash and the results of the different cases. We get a ridiculously stupid backup story about the transplant coordinator getting stuck between a nosy patient who needs a new heart's wife and the surgeon. In general the show has good acting. The production seems pretty good also. Where the show seems to loose it is the stories that are told. Again the most empathetic character of the bunch is the young man who is the transplant coordinator. They are trying to soften the doctors and the veneers seem to be coming off some of the characters especially the younger ones. It may be taking them too long to react to viewers and their general reaction to the show.

    We'll see how much longer this show is around. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Bus crashes, some live and some die. CPR on driver has a messed up script. They still get a transplant done. From what I saw, I would not want to go to that hospital!!moreless

    OMG is what every RN I know was saying. Doesn't anyone review the script. During a code on the bus driver, when the patient's rhythm started to come back, the nurse stated that the patient was in tachycardia with a rate of 20. Even the greenest nurse would know that a rate of 20 would be bradicadia. Tach means to fast, bradi means to slow. I think that whoever is going over the script for accuracy needs to go back to school or at the least, find some medical personnel. Even a clerk that has taken medical terminology, would be able to tell the differance. I was watching because of Alex. But not now. I like a good medical show. They seem to have died post(which means after) "ER".moreless
  • A busy day at Three Rivers.

    I actually didn't like this episode as much as I liked the previous ones, mainly because there were some bits that bothered me. But overall, it was a good episode.

    Miranda's telescope joke was an insant win for me. Also the scene where the mother broke down and she almost cried too. That's how you set classic moments that determine a character. But not when she stormed into Dr. Jordan's patient and tried to resusciate him. It felt too out of place, and I felt the same when Dr.jordan sent her to look for the missing kid.

    I really would like to see them work on patients together more, a little ER-esque mentor-student relationship like the interaction between Dr.Lee & Dr.Jordan. The show is just finding its voice and style so, hopefully in the future we'll get to see good character interactions among the staff of Three Rivers Hospital.moreless
  • Ok. Much better this time around.

    This episode, hopefully, has been a coming of age of sorts for this series.

    For the first time they did not try to do everything in the space of one episode. They focused on a few PARTS of a story and made them feel real. The set up was much more extensive and focused on the victims, while showing that, for a medical team, things are not always under their control. When do-do happens, sometimes it can't be corrected, and personnel can't always be where they want to be. And along that line: personally, if "Ryan" were my transplant coordinator...well, suffice it to say, he WOULDN'T be!

    I could even overlook the medical inaccuracies this episode because of the way in which they presented the stories...that is, until the very last scene. But sorry, I have never seen a heart defibrillated from asystole, even after transplant. A heart must first be IN fibrillation in order to DE-fibrillate it. Small detail (on TV if not so small in real life) that would have been easy to correct...medical advisors: where were you, or must you bow to the networks for the all-important dramatic component??!!

    Still, "A for effort" and I hope its a trend. Now if we could just see some follow up on this recipient's post op journey (and maybe some feedback on how the donor kids' family copes) in a subsequent episode...that would be a nice touch that completed a pretty decent story.moreless
Aisha Kabia

Aisha Kabia


Guest Star

Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Dr. Darren Tupper

Guest Star

Devon Werkheiser

Devon Werkheiser


Guest Star

Puja Mohindra

Puja Mohindra


Recurring Role

Devika Parikh

Devika Parikh

Nurse Rehka

Recurring Role

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    • Antonio: Whatcha looking at wannabe?
      Bobby: Nothing.
      Antonio: Nothing, so you're just sitting there, listening, getting into my business and stuff.
      Bobby: I wasn't doing tat, come on Antonio.
      Antonio: Antonio, like we're friends or something, huh. How about I beat your sorry little ass, whatcha think about that, huh?
      Bobby: It'd be a pretty minor achievement.

    • Andy: No. No, you didn't.
      Ryan: His wife saw me, heading your way, she figured out it was about the heart.
      Andy: How did she figure it out, Ryan, is she psychic or did you tell her?
      Ryan: I didn't intend to, it just came out.
      Andy: Oh, Ryan. What if we can't get this heart? What if you'd come to me and I turned it down for some reason? Do you have any idea what Brandon and his family have been through? (Ryan shakes his head) They've been praying for this moment. They could be in their room celebrating right now. What do we have for them? Ryan, we have Nothing!
      Ryan: I screwed up!
      Andy: Yes you did, you screwed up!
      Ryan: What can I do?
      Andy: Bring that heart. Get it done!

    • Andy: Mrs. Ayers?
      Deb: Dr. Yablonski, what's going on? Why haven't you come to talk to us?
      Andy: I'm really sorry. I just wanted to wait until; we had all of our ducks in a row first.
      Deb: Was there a problem with the heart?
      Andy: No, the heart is fine. We're dealing with a big crash in the ER at the moment. I don't have a procurement team.
      Deb: What are you telling me, that a hearts finally come in for Brandon, but you can't get it?
      Andy: This is just a bump in the road
      Deb: No, I know how this works, if you don't take that heart their going to give it to someone else.
      Andy: It's not going to come to that.

    • Andy: Listen, Gonzo, you know that favor you owe me from when I procured that heart for you in Memphis?
      Gonzo: I owe you, think again dude. I've picked up two lungs and a heart since then. Not to mention, remember that time we were in Vegas…
      Andy: Oaky, Okay… Maybe I owe you.. Whatever.. You're always bragging about the speedy jets your hospital has, how fast do you think one of them can fly three hundred and eighty miles to Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

    • Miranda: Hi, I'm Dr.Foster. Can you tell me your name?
      Blair: Blair. Blair Hubbell.
      Miranda: Yeah? Any relation to the telescope?
      Blair: You're funny.
      Miranda: Yeah and I'm here all week.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: October 30, 2010 on Barrandov
      Slovakia: January 13, 2011 on Doma

    • When Andy calls his friend "Gonzo", the man appearing on screen is Dr. Gonzalo "Gonzo" Gonzales-Stawinski, the real life doctor who the character of Andy is based on.


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