Three Rivers

Season 1 Episode 3

Good Intentions

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2009 on CBS

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  • A young man has been a drug addict but has been clean for six months. Andy gets him approved for a heart transplant. They find a heart that same day. He balks because the girl he loves has been on the list for six months and still's not found a donor.

    One of the problems with this show is there is very little empathy generally for most of the patients, transplant recipients, or the medical professionals involved.

    We just don't see enough to really get the whole picture. They spend so much time trying to impress us with the medicine and technology they have forgotten the human element.

    In this episode we have a young man who obviously has done everything he can to destroy himself up to this point. Now he has been motivated to behave himself for six months so he can get a new heart because his old one has been destroyed by the drugs and lifestyle he has chosen. They find a match the same day he is first eligible. Meanwhile a young girl who is as we are told, a good person, has waited for over six months and still does not have a donor.

    The secondary plot has nothing to do with donors. A young attorney is shot when someone is targeted by a gang member in front of her house. The surgeon does everything and more to save her so she'll recover. The woman is totally crazed that she will take a few weeks to survive and actually sues the women for saving her life because she won't recover as fast as the estimate in the ER before the surgeon found out there were complications.

    In the end they try to show the audience a pretty picture and ending when that is probably not the reality of the situation.

    I think they are writing the wrong stories to build an audience. I found this episode more annoying than entertaining. Unfortunately I think this show will survive its original order and be canceled if there isn't some drastic improvement. Thanks for reading...