Three Rivers

Season 1 Episode 1

Place Of Life

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2009 on CBS

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  • A tight squeeze in the medical bandwagon.

    CBS joined the medical drama bandwagon and tried to put a different spin by featuring transplant surgeons at the forefront -- "tried" being the operative word. It's another decent pilot from another safe show. There was nothing awful about it, but then, there was nothing special about it either. And there are only so much just-okay shows you can put on your proverbial plate before you feel the need to puke before taking another spoonful. I also felt Alex O'Loughlin was sort of struggling with his new fangless gig. The show will be better served if it's treated as an ensemble TV series (much like with Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy) rather than a character-driven show that focuses on its lead (such as the case for Hugh Laurie on House).
  • quite boring

    I have been expecting so much from Three Rivers that this premier was an utter disappointment. The writing: quite below standard. I cannot recall anything that is memorable except perhaps one ('it has to be a gift.') Some of them are frankly useless and sometimes stupid, which are really inappropriate to come from 'top surgeons'' mouths. The rest of them are weird. (this is a bit hard to elaborate. just i feel that people dont normally say those things at those times.) At times the writer tried to be funny but it really was hard to laugh. He/she has a bit more success to sadden me but still i don't feel it is good enough. The story: was weak, especially for a premier. And it looked even worse with such writing.

    The directing: the pace of show is a bit too slow. Myself I don't enjoy going through jargons like cardiac myopathy or congestive heart failure and who cares if it is induced by antibodies or bacteria. I was seriously bored during those parts of the show. And most of the other times O'loughlin was busy jerking his head so that he looks cool, another thing that bored me. The cast: I was expecting a lot with alex O'loughlin but he was not good. His 'assuring' eyes which supposedly comforted the patients made an awkward pause. And as i said he was too busy angling himself looking good. The rest of the cast, having to deliver such writing, already did ok.
  • We meet the doctors, nurses, and the hospital workers of Three Rivers Medical Center in Pittsburgh. A nationally renowned center for transplant work and we meet Dr. Andy Yablonski played by Alex O'Loughlin who is one of the best surgeons in the world.

    OK, let's get this out of the way. The viewer numbers on this were terrible and the prognosticators give it a few weeks tops. The reviews have been mediocre at best.

    I'm not sure what program everyone else has been watching. I don't usually watch medical dramas but I found this to be refreshingly professional and to the point of dealing with the world of medicine without all of that soap opera internal conflict you usually have slog through. Very well done, to the point, and compelling.

    Certainly there is room for improvement but as far as a premiere is concerned this was one of the better ones this past month for the new Fall season. I would put it in the top five for new programming in its first year.

    We follow three very human and strong stories about patients at Three Rivers. We have the big emergency where the patient needs a new heart and we have to save her baby story, the young teen with a rare brain disorder, and then finally a fascinating story of a young man from Ethiopia who has overcome much to get to see Dr. Yablonski.

    There was a nice balance of critical situations to thoughtful interaction on the part of the cast and writers. Overall a nice tight story package.

    I'm not sure how long this show will survive but I think the producers, actors, writers, and crew can feel proud of the production they have put together. Thanks for reading...
  • Really disappointing premiere..

    When I heard all the fuzz about this new show, I was intrigued and expecting its premiere. Especially when I read Alex O'Loughlin was going to star on it, alongside Kate Moennig.

    But I guess, like some have said in the show's reviews, it was not good. Not good at all.
    But still, it's only the first episode so I'll refrain from doing a show review, instead just doing one for this particular episode.

    Weird sci-fi'ish hospital, not very interesting storylines. Not to mention Shane MacMahon in scrubs.. I mean, she probably let her hair grow to look more like a girl this time around but the same mannerisms, with hands in the pocked walking.. the tomboyish shoes.. I was expecting to see her hitting on a female patient..

    Overall, I thought it was a mix of House, ER and maybe Private Practice but with less, I mean, less plot twists or appealing characters..

    Let's see next week..

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