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  • Three Rivers - Superb

    What a Excellent Series. Phenomenal cast and excellent acting! Why did it end at episode 13? Will further episodes/series be made ever with the same actors?
  • Though I LOVE ALEX, this show is terrible! The medicine is awful, and the patients' storylines are never explored! Taking a patient off of a bypass machine after one lung is inserted...and then putting them back on...REALLY????

    I agree with someone else's comment.....UGH! Bring back Moonlight! I think Alex is a great actor, but he definitely needs a better show. I love my medical shows, but this one is just sad....trying to hard to be "high-tech" yet, they cannot get simple things right. Seeing as everyone gets their ideas about transplants from television, they should try a little bit harder to give the right information. No, the donor family will not be able to show up at your bedside while you are still recovering from surgery...for those of you who were wondering! I'm hoping that the writing team gets better, for Alex's sake, I would hate for him to be canceled yet again, though I cannot say I will be watching much more of this show.
  • I love Alex O'Loughlin and the show has a good concept but...

    I like the idea of a medical show about transplants, but the writing on this one does need to be improved. I don't think the show is quite as hopeless as some suggest, after all I've seen some good shows that had a rocky beginning before. Some shows are given a chance to improve and others are axed before they are even allowed to. Sadly, most shows fall into the latter category and Three Rivers will probably be one of them. If they are given a chance to improve, they should jettison all the techno toys (someone must have thought this was going to be another Star Trek show) and concentrate on good story telling and character development. (They probably put the techie stuff in there to bring in the young viewers, but clearly it didn't work.)
  • Great!

    I really love this show! With all the lame "reality" shows, all the violent crime dramas, and all of the lame comedies, this one is a medical show that isn't all about doctors and nurses having intimate relationships but making difficult decisions, and dealing wit moral and ethical conflicts.
    It is something I look forward to every Sunday.
    It is good to have a variety of shows to choose from--I enjoy the crime dramas, and am a firm fan of Numb3rs, the Mentalist, Law & Order, Law & Order CSI and The Forgotten,(also the dear, departed, "Without a Trace") but I also enjoy a change. I enjoy "Jeopardy!" for its challenge mentally, "Wheel of Fortune" for sheer fun, Jay Leno for his take on politics, etc., and "Three Rivers" rounds things out nicely.
    This is the only medical drama I have watched in decades.
    Keep it up! Keep it going!
  • I look forward to Sundays seeing "Three Rivers".

    I love it. Katherine Moening is a great actress on this show. Please don't cancel this show, the only show I love to watch. "Three Rivers" is a modern world medicine hospital. Its a show that is very interesting and wonderful. Yes, there are alot of medical drama series. But, this show is one that involves the patients, not the staff only like "Mercy" does. "Three Rivers" is a transplant hospital that shows compassion to its patients. That is a show I like to watch. I do hope that CBS doesn't drop the show. To me, I think CBS made the right decision putting "Three Rivers" on as a series.
  • This is concerning the episode where the team goes to West Virginia to obtain a liver for a transplant patient. Below are my comments:

    I like the show, Three Rivers, however, in the last episode that I watched, they were flying into Wheeling, WV to obtain a liver. When there was no landing strip, the girl in the back made a statement about WV...saying, welcome to WV, folks. I happen to live in Huntington, WV, and I am so tired of everyone making fun of our state. Our hospitals are top notch, and our people are very nice. Believe me,I have been to Pittsburgh,and it is no better than WV, so please try not to put down my beautiful state anymore.
  • The writer knows nothing about Pittsburgh. A white man in the mob would never end up on a North View Heights/Project roof/gated community. It would help if writer knew the Burgh culture. 2nd time last time it was miss info about the Hill District.

    I enjoy the overall medical content of the show. However I question the writers integrity because they pretend to know Pittsburgh and create outside story lines to the neighborhoods and communities. Growing up in Pittsburgh I know an Italian man with so called Mob connections would have never ended up dead in North View Heights on the roof undetected. It is a gated community and you must show proof you live there or you are visiting someone who does. How did he get there in the trunk of a car please? make the Story believable. It like the writer is mixing NY with Pgh. Its not the same. Last year the writer made a reference to a crime on the hill and made it seem as if the Hill was full of vacant lots and absolutely no housing. True the hill needs development however, that is only specific to small areas if he were to visit the Hill District he would find most of the Housing has been newly developed and the community is up and coming. Its like he is writing based on the 70's or 80's and not know. Pittsburgh needs to change but this author or the writing staff need to present a more believable story. Its like he's recreating Hill Street Blues with a Medical Drama.
  • I don't get it! Can someone please make sense out of all this? -edited-

    Why on earth would the CW (aka CBS) cancel such a brilliant show like Moonlight, and then one year later debut a medical show staring Moonlight's main character, while ALSO airing a show like the Vampire Diaries??? This makes no sense...I wouldn't even know where to begin as to how wrong this is...

    -edit- ok, I actually enjoy the vampire diaries now, but I still liked moonlight better. Also The Three Rivers was a really good show too. Even though there are lots of medical dramas on tv, it was still somewhat unique. I liked the style of the filming and would continue watching it (if it was still on).
  • THREE RIVERS- come on CBS, you can use Alex's popularity and Moonlight's fan base better than this pablum. The show needs a good VAMPIRE !!!

    As a "Moonlight" fan I was eagerly looking forward to Alex's new show. I was very dissapointed. Each week we have:
    (1) some poor upstanding citizen who dies, (2) some other good/bad/indifferent victim who needs the dead person's organs,
    (3) Angst and hand wringing over reasons why the organs can not get there in time,
    (4) Alas- all is well and the excellent acting team playing an excellent surgical team get the organs and complete the surgery just in time...

    Uhg- I lasted through three episodes, my wife only made it through two... and she is one of Alex's biggest fans.

    This show needs a good Vampire. Too bad CBS canned "Moonlight". It was a far better offering than any other mythical offering on network TV today. "Three Rivers" is an unfortunate and way too predictable substitute- just to get a popular actor back on the schedule.
  • Mandy Patinkin episode

    The show I just watched with Mandy Patinkin as an ALS patient was inspiring, moving, etc. I think this is the best episode I have seen since Three Rivers debuted. He played a selfless character and I wish there were more people like this in the world. Thank you for making such an emotionally charged show!! Perhaps that episode will inspire people to reach out to others more and not just be selfish. I wish more shows were like this. Mankind needs to instilled with inspiration and humility. Please keep wonderful episodes like this coming!! I will continue to watch and will tell all I know to watch too. Doesn't hurt either that you have a wonderful actor in Alex O'Loughlin too. :-)
  • Had to turn this off less than 5 minutes in... CBS removed a show that ran 4 seasons for this garbage, Way To Go CBS.

    Had to turn this off less than 5 minutes in... CBS removed a show that ran 4 seasons for this garbage, Way To Go CBS. This show replaced a very solid show that had earned it's time slot I have yet to see this show remotely even begin to make it worth the amount the producers likely spent on it. Since I'm a betting man I'd give this show a the odds that the Dallas cowboys have of being in the super bowl this year... none. CBS do us all a favor and drop this show from your Sunday slot and bring in a solid show to compete, or bring back the previous show.
  • My favorite medical drama of the year.

    First of all, let me start by admitting a fact: I love medical shows. Maybe it's because I have many doctors in my family, who knows? I occasionally tune in to watch Grey's Anatomy and House. ı used to watch Chicago Hope religiously. I love Scrubs and now following Mercy and Trauma. But none of these shows give me the pleasure I got from ER. And just when I'm going through withdrawal in ER's absence, I found Three Rivers.

    I like it in a medical drama when the story is not just about the doctors. That's why I loved ER so much, some of the most heart breaking scenes came from guest stars who played patients. And Three Rivers has been following ER's lead on that so far. They show a great deal of patient drama each episode. Which is I believe what makes a medical drama realistic.

    Alex O'Loughlin is riddiculously good looking, obviously. His character Andy has been gradually growing on me since the first episode. And Kate Moennig is well... she'll probably always be Shane for me, but she's really intense and amazing (and hot) as Dr. Miranda Foster. All the other characters are very likable, and their interaction have been suerb so far.

    I just hope that this show gets a chance to grow, and finds its audience.
  • Three Rivers will be up the river if the writing doesn't improve...

    I give this show an 8 b/c it has great POTENTIAL. Love Alex and Kate, but there needs to be more emphasis on the characters, create some conflicts b/t them and their personalities for better drama and NOT the technology that you just don't see in REAL hospitals. Character flaws haven't really been revealed, though they've been hinted at. Ex. Miranda's temper...we haven't seen it. Or Andy's past. It seems that everyone is buddy-buddy. Conflict = interest. Kate Moennig has an edge about her, but we aren't able to see it through her character. That is a wonderful opportunity for conflict.

    The concept of this show is fantastic, but the writing has to get much better with the storylines less busy.

    The hospital interior is a disaster. They will need a disaster at the hospital in order to re-design the interior. The set looks like a nightclub in 80's Miami. I'm expecting Crockett & Tubbs to walk in at any minute. Focus needs to be on the writing or this show is going to be cancelled.
  • Medical Drama - argh - another medical drama - argh - repeat until stack is popped. Then lose it over poor camera work / editing.

    Acting: not bad
    Production: okay
    Stories: medium, slow
    Music: ARGH (a lame copy of CSI in your face audio)
    Jump cuts and jerky camera work: awful, distracting, disturbing, unpleasant.
    In one minute, I didn't count more than 2 edits longer than 2 seconds. Even when they're gently moving an organ - before you can focus on the special effects - SLAM - edit to far shot - jump to another view - jump - jump - jump the SHARK, baby...
    It looks bad for audiences, in this post HDTV world of jump cuts, shakycam, blurs, and bad editing. Don't cameramen use tripods anymore?
    Sigh. Annoyed. Annoyed, I am.
    Back to the show... Slow, painfully slow, and drawn out emoting and as subtle as a piano dropped from 3 stories. Blame the director on this one.
    I generally like entertainment that is educational, even if simulated. But when entertainment becomes annoying, I stop watching.
    Hint, hint.
  • Realistic show about organ transplantation surgery.

    My husband and I both love the show. the cast is just great especially Andy (Alex). We were big fans of Moonlight. The stories are interesting and different than other shows. The show seems like real-life and sends a positive message about organ donation. I like the way the show developes as it portrays how the organs become available to the needy patients are waiting for the miracle to prolong their lives. Last weeks show was really good as a young boy and a young girl both needed new hearts. The boy feels he is not worthy to get the heart before the girl he has befriended in the hospital. We really enjoyed this episode. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Love the cast and bright cheery set. The stories are handled (as much as they can in an hour show) with genuine realism. Sooo tired of reality shows and so nice to watch actors portraying decent and loyal people.

    Love the cast and bright cheery set. The stories are handled (as much as they can in an hour show) with genuine realism. Sooo tired of reality shows and so nice to watch actors portraying decent and loyal people. The main character is based on a real heart surgeon who loves his patients and does his best for all of them. After only two shows there have been hints of background stories and development of characters that I am really looking forward to seeing. Best show on Sunday night! And spreading the word about organ donation is a plus for all those waiting on lists all over the world
  • The most mismatched cast I've ever seen.

    First off let me say I like Alex O'Laughlin a lot. He's a good actor and Moonlight was one of my favorite shows. In his new show 'Three Rivers', he's lost some weight and looks good in the role. The show sucks. I can't and won't pinpoint any one actor, actress, or plot device. The show in my opinion missed on every level. It's dreary, humorless, unfocused, and they gave Alex some God lines promising people in dire condition he'll make them better than ever. We turned it off with twenty minutes to go. O'Laughlin needs to find a script with him in a bad ass role with the blonde from Moonlight partnering up with him. Sorry 'Three Rivers', last night was my last glimpse at that show. I'd rather clean the cat-box.
  • Good choice of actors, interesting narrative structure, bad medicine, excessively trendy settings, soapy atmosphere and generic character making.

    I liked Miranda, but apart from that it just didn't do it for me, despite the fact that I watched the episode with every intention of being blown away by it. Except for House all the other medical shows currently running (for instance Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and so on), are focusing on personal relationships (particularly sexual ones) way too much and they have completely lost track of the medical aspect of their supposedly medical shows. I'd like to see more medicine and a new show focusing on that would be welcome.

    But there were too many glitches in Three Rivers to maintain my interest. First of all, as it has been pointed out in other reviews, the medicine is just plain and simple wrong. I'm not of the profession but even I know enough things to realize most of the cases presented had little or no affinity to real medical cases. Common sense dictates that 28-week babies aren't fully developed, and patients recovering from heavy surgery such as a heart transplant (let alone a C-section and several heart failures to precede that) don't just wake up and regain full functionality within a matter of seconds. Secondly, what's with the sci-fi technology and the severely trendy settings? This isn't Gossip Girl-meets-Nikita is it? I'm a huge sci-fi fan but interior design and high-tech gadgets shouldn't be the focus of a medical show. Are these doctors or high end programmers? What kind of doctor would have the time to educate themselves on such a demanding level of meeting-room technology? I doubt if there'd be enough time left for them to actually study medicine afterwards... The direction and settings are way too glossy for my taste, and medical shows should be realistic, at least up to a point. Look at ER, still the best directed medical show out there. The structure of the episode was good, I liked including three cases and narrating simultaneously, that could maintain interest if used properly in the future. Right now the episode proceeds too slowly and the narrative invention is just lost in the overall coolness and generic character interaction. I was hopeful when I started watching, but I don't think I'll continue, sorry.
  • Ugh! Seriously?

    I agree with Sandbur regarding all of the medical inaccuracies! There are a lot of medical personnel out in the world that can pick out all of the "mistakes' this show made, although, this show isn't the only show that doesn't get it right (Grey's Anataomy and even the famous long lasting ER!) They make great soap opera's watching all the drama, but completely unbelievable which will be the downfall of the show. A 28 week old baby would be TINY, intubated and in an incubator!

    I just have one more thing to add... YOU DON'T SHOCK ASYSTOLE!!! Are you kidding me? The writers need to make shows like this more believeable!!!
  • I don't have time for this.

    I'll probably be lynched but I didn't like O'loghlin as a doctor (to save myself his performance was the only thing I Liked on Moonlight). A few notes while watching the pilot: - The House-like beginning doesn't bode well on the originality front.
    - New Guy - what the hell? lick-ass and spineless. not interesting.
    - "never get between a doctor and his doughnot", seriously, WTF? who is the writer of the line?
    - the screens in the meeting rooms: i thought this was a medical show, not a sci-fi one (Mind I like that genre).
    -slooooow pace.

    I didn't feel connected with anyone, patients or doctor. It's not a total waste, the concept in theory was good, but, sorry, i won't tune in next week.
  • Visually exciting medical drama about a team of transplant doctors had me on the edge of my seat watching a transplant team race the clock to save a young pregnant woman in need of a new heart. Loved Alex O'Loughlin, Daniel Henney and Chris Hanke.

    A Place of Life had enough going for it to bring me back for more. Things that I loved were the chemistry between the actors, especially between Daniel Henney and Christopher Hanke. Alex O'Loughlin is everything you'd want in a surgeon--compassionate, caring, and highly competent. Kate Moennig as Dr. Miranda Foster was very good and so were the other players, Alfre Woodard as Dr. Sophia Jordan and Justina Machado as Pam Acosta. I loved the sets and the 21st century technology.

    Things that bothered me were the busyness of the episode and the lack of character development in the hospital staff. Taking on 4 cases (the head laceration, the pregnant woman, the young man from Africa and the teenager who swallowed metal objects was too much to deal with in one episode.) But even more important than that, I really want to know the hospital staff. What makes Dr. Andy tick? What happened between Dr. Miranda and her father? Is Dr. David really a womanizer? In order for this show to succeed, we will need to identify with these 3 characters as well as Ryan, Pam and Dr. Jordan. So please, let's find out a little bit more about these characters.

    I'll be watching come next week!
  • It amazes me how bad a medical show can get with poor judgement. Some rookie designer had way too much freedom in this project and made the show worse than its boring plotlines. And that's really an effort.

    The creators of this show obviously thought regular medical drama wouldn't be enough for this show, and right they were.
    But to place the setting in some borderline scifi world, with translucent screens, examination rooms without doors and an overall really cold and weird environment, only makes the show less believable and kind of ruins the atmosphere, unless there's a reason for it all.
    I mean; what stupid clinic would ever not use doors for their rooms and no lighting in the corridors?
    Sure, it looks cool, but would you find such a place comforting and reliable as a clinic in real life?
    Some rookie designer had way too much freedom in this project and made the show worse than its boring plotlines. And that's really an effort.
  • Well, I said I would watch it for Alex's sake, and I did, but...

    ...unfortunately its just like any other medical show that just takes way too much artistic license and leaves me cold in doing so. Now I know they can't be completely accurate or no one would want to watch but I can't seem to get past the glaring...sparkliness...of it all. On ANT medical show. I hoped this one might be the exception, but alas...

    Example one: No transplant coordinator would, except in a Hollywood script, EVER speak to a donor family the way this one least not do so and still be employed. These folks are seasoned professionals and this was a total groaner.

    Example two: That was the biggest, healthiest looking 28 week gestational delivery I have ever seen! It must be something in the hepa-filtered air at "Three Rivers Hospital" that makes them so special.

    Example three: Again that filtered air (or perhaps it was Alex's vampire blood?) must surely be responsible for the fact that the heart transplant patient woke up right after surgery, did not need to remain intubated for any period of fact required only nasal prongs...and was already uninstrumented to boot!

    I tried. I really did, and because its Alex O. I may be inclined to look in every once in a while, but the glossy, shiny thing "they" do to medical shows just leaves me cold, and this one is no exception.