Three Rivers

Season 1 Episode 6

Where We Lie

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on CBS
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Lisa responds to an accident at a local fair in which a young boy is seriously injured and this bring up some painful memories. Andy and David work on getting a VAD for Kuol before it is too late. Miranda and Dr. Jordan treat a young girl who collapsed during a gymnastic event and must deal with a personal issue.moreless

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  • Lisa is on a ride along when there is an accident at a carnival and she helps a young boy who is injured. A gymnast falls during her routine and she has a totally unrelated Liver failure. Kuol's heart is starting to fail and Andy needs to do something.moreless

    Major Spoiler here... no one dies in this episode of Three Rivers. We have an episode completely devoid of one of those standard setups where the donor falls to his death or gets in a car accident. Actually that was pretty refreshing.

    The four parts of this weeks story were all very interesting. Sophia tells Miranda the truth about she and her father. A young girl trying to play through the pain overdoses on over the counter pain medication and needs a new liver. A young boy is injured in a freak accident at a carnival. Finally Kuol's time is up. He needs a new heart or something is going to give.

    Interesting episode with many facets. The girl with the liver problem is very interesting and David's solution to Kuol's heart problems was quite inventive. Of specific interest is Andy and Lisa's relationship. Some sparks flew at the end of the episode. We'll see what comes of that in the future. Overall without all the usual stuff this was a much more entertaining episode of Three Rivers. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • A young Boy Gets Hurt While At A Carnival and A Young Gymnast Liver Starts To Fail While She was Taking To Many Acetaminophen For What The CT Scan Later Reveals is For Two Broken Ribs. That She Does Not Tell Her Parents Aboutmoreless

    This was an amazing episode.. This episode and the first in my history of watching shows like ER, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, House, Trauma, and Mercy have delt with the over use of simple pain killers. Even those can have devastating effects. I love how this episode finally brought to light old wounds that we all have and that we some times never deal with until it is to late. This was an all around great episode. I really did feel for the young 8 year old who got hurt while spending time at the carnival with his mother all because the carnival team did not check the ride after each use. This also brings to light that a simple time of fun with family can also be dangerous if there is not the right safety.. not just by the parents but the place you are going to.

    Three Rivers is the first medical show I have seen in a long time that deals with this side of medicine we have seen all the shows that deal with interns and residents, the 15 years of ER but never have I see a show in my 30 years that deals with something that is needed more the ever in our health care system. Way to Go CBS Finally You Have A Great DR Show.moreless
Owiso Odera

Owiso Odera

Kuol Adebe Ketebo

Guest Star

Christie Lynn Smith

Christie Lynn Smith

Lori Campbell

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Tamara Braun

Tamara Braun

Samantha Krauser

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    • (Discussing the paramedic rotation)
      Andy: I did like driving fast, that was fun.
      Lisa: Good, I need a little excitement.
      Andy: I'll file that away.

    • David: Ryan, I got a job for you. The companies that make VAD's, I need you to call them and see if they are running any clinical trials. If they are, I need you to make an appointment for me, okay?
      Ryan: No can do.
      David: (whispering in his ear) That's not an appropriate response.
      Ryan: I'm tracking down a guy named Jim Santos, who could be a liver donor for Megan O'Hara. Dr. Jordan told me not to stop until I found him.
      David: Oh, I guess I'll do this myself. (sits down at the computer, looking at the screen) How do I do this?
      Ryan: Oh, uh, go to the main screen, click on vendors, then click on circulatory support devices, then click on VAD's.
      David: (looking at the screen) Okay, looks like Modrotech is running a clinical trial for it's new VAD. How do I find out who the Modrotech Rep is?
      Ryan: Click on Rep.
      David: Right.

    • Andy: So, I spoke to the VAD supplier about that trial.
      David: Did you?
      Andy: Yeah, like four times. And they said it was too late to start. They wouldn't budge. What did you do?
      David: Ooh, I just had to jump through some serious hoops, but it's for Kuol so…
      Andy: (interrupting) Right, right, anything illegal?
      David: Sometimes you just gotta do, what you got to do.

    • Dr. Jordan: I understand-- (tries to touch Miranda but she steps back) if you're angry.
      Miranda: I'm glad you understand, because you know, my dad -- he spent a lot less time with us in Philly. And he spent a lot more time here with you.
      Dr. Jordan: With his work.
      Miranda: You can call it what you want. Regardless, my mom -- she still lost her mind and my dad left me to take care of her... and clean up his mess. And now I come here and learn that everybody knew this but me.
      Dr. Jordan: No, that's not--
      Miranda: Don't you dare tell me I am wrong.
      Dr. Jordan: It's complicated.
      Miranda: It's pretty clear to me.

    • Dr. Jordan: The administration turned down the VAD for Kuol.
      Andy: Are you kidding me? Did you tell them I'd do it for free?
      Dr. Jordan: As happy as they are to save a hundred bucks, that's not gonna cut it.
      Andy: Yeah, funny. Let's just get it for him anyway and we'll figure it out later.
      Dr. Jordan: That's not going to work this time, darin'.
      Andy: Why? I know we have a fund for patients in need.
      Dr. Jordan: That money has been spent and there won't be more until the next fiscal year.
      Andy: He's not going to make it that far. He needs a heart, Sophia, and he should be on the list. We have to get a VAD for Kuol or he won't survive.
      Dr. Jordan: Andy, we all care about Kuol.
      Andy: Okay…. So, let's dig up some money for him. You're better at this than I am.
      Dr. Jordan: Do you realize that accounting thinks Kuol's room has been under construction for a month, just so I could keep him in a bed.
      Andy: See, you're way better.
      Dr. Jordan: You can't wish this away, it's a ten thousand dollar procedure and somebody's got to pay for it or it doesn't get done. Sorry, man.

    • Andy: We're going to have to do a pneumonectomy. If we don't get this lung out of here, he's just going to keep bleeding.
      Nurse Rehka: Taking his lung out after trauma gives him maybe a five percent chance of survival.
      Andy: Okay, well, it's better than zero. So let's do it. Let's do it.

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