Three Rivers

Season 1 Episode 6

Where We Lie

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on CBS



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    • (Discussing the paramedic rotation)
      Andy: I did like driving fast, that was fun.
      Lisa: Good, I need a little excitement.
      Andy: I'll file that away.

    • David: Ryan, I got a job for you. The companies that make VAD's, I need you to call them and see if they are running any clinical trials. If they are, I need you to make an appointment for me, okay?
      Ryan: No can do.
      David: (whispering in his ear) That's not an appropriate response.
      Ryan: I'm tracking down a guy named Jim Santos, who could be a liver donor for Megan O'Hara. Dr. Jordan told me not to stop until I found him.
      David: Oh, I guess I'll do this myself. (sits down at the computer, looking at the screen) How do I do this?
      Ryan: Oh, uh, go to the main screen, click on vendors, then click on circulatory support devices, then click on VAD's.
      David: (looking at the screen) Okay, looks like Modrotech is running a clinical trial for it's new VAD. How do I find out who the Modrotech Rep is?
      Ryan: Click on Rep.
      David: Right.

    • Andy: So, I spoke to the VAD supplier about that trial.
      David: Did you?
      Andy: Yeah, like four times. And they said it was too late to start. They wouldn't budge. What did you do?
      David: Ooh, I just had to jump through some serious hoops, but it's for Kuol so…
      Andy: (interrupting) Right, right, anything illegal?
      David: Sometimes you just gotta do, what you got to do.

    • Dr. Jordan: I understand-- (tries to touch Miranda but she steps back) if you're angry.
      Miranda: I'm glad you understand, because you know, my dad -- he spent a lot less time with us in Philly. And he spent a lot more time here with you.
      Dr. Jordan: With his work.
      Miranda: You can call it what you want. Regardless, my mom -- she still lost her mind and my dad left me to take care of her... and clean up his mess. And now I come here and learn that everybody knew this but me.
      Dr. Jordan: No, that's not--
      Miranda: Don't you dare tell me I am wrong.
      Dr. Jordan: It's complicated.
      Miranda: It's pretty clear to me.

    • Dr. Jordan: The administration turned down the VAD for Kuol.
      Andy: Are you kidding me? Did you tell them I'd do it for free?
      Dr. Jordan: As happy as they are to save a hundred bucks, that's not gonna cut it.
      Andy: Yeah, funny. Let's just get it for him anyway and we'll figure it out later.
      Dr. Jordan: That's not going to work this time, darin'.
      Andy: Why? I know we have a fund for patients in need.
      Dr. Jordan: That money has been spent and there won't be more until the next fiscal year.
      Andy: He's not going to make it that far. He needs a heart, Sophia, and he should be on the list. We have to get a VAD for Kuol or he won't survive.
      Dr. Jordan: Andy, we all care about Kuol.
      Andy: Okay…. So, let's dig up some money for him. You're better at this than I am.
      Dr. Jordan: Do you realize that accounting thinks Kuol's room has been under construction for a month, just so I could keep him in a bed.
      Andy: See, you're way better.
      Dr. Jordan: You can't wish this away, it's a ten thousand dollar procedure and somebody's got to pay for it or it doesn't get done. Sorry, man.

    • Andy: We're going to have to do a pneumonectomy. If we don't get this lung out of here, he's just going to keep bleeding.
      Nurse Rehka: Taking his lung out after trauma gives him maybe a five percent chance of survival.
      Andy: Okay, well, it's better than zero. So let's do it. Let's do it.

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    • International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: November 6, 2010 on Barrandov
      Slovakia: January 20, 2011 on Doma

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