Three Sheets

Tuesday 10:30 PM on Spike TV Premiered Jun 18, 2006 In Season





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  • Since I found Three Sheets on MOJO, it has become my favorite show on tv.

    Three Sheets is hilarious, maybe because I feel like host Zane is much like myself. But not only is the concept amazing (traveling the world and drinking with locals, learning their customs and acting like a fool), its just so damn entertaining. Zane obviously makes the show. But the production team helps make it flow excellently. The whole package of Zane out-drinking everybody he comes into contact with around the world, being completely willing to down anything they set in front of him, and do it all in a totally hilariously comedic manner makes it a gem of a show. I hope that the show continues on for many many years. The potential is definately there for Three Sheets to visit almost every country in the 'non-muslim' world (because the muslims don't drink, although Zane in a 'dry' country would be hilarious in itself) sets this show up to last for many seasons to come. Its the kind of show that makes you wish you could be there, partying with Zane because it looks like such a damn good time. Kudos to this awesome show and keep it up, Zane. Oh yea, and make sure to bring your buddy Steve on the show for a guest appearance so you can rip on him to his face!