Three Sheets

Tuesday 10:30 PM on Spike TV Premiered Jun 18, 2006 In Season





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  • Phenomenal. Don't miss it. Need more! Zane is priceless, if he is making good money to do this, it's insane and good for him! (And he's apparently married, as evidenced by his wedding ring, so kudos to his wife for putting up with a character like him!)

    This is has got to be one of the most enjoyable and absolutely hysterical shows I've ever watched. A friend of mine found it and told me about it, and when she described it; I have to admit that I was puzzled with how it could be enjoyable. But Zane is so funny and so engaging. I love it when he brings his crew into the "fun" sometimes; and his enthusiasm with whatever culture he happens to be experiencing. He jokes, but it never gets to the level of insulting anyone from the country he happens to be visiting. And hey, you can actually learn a thing or two while you're at it! Geography, history, culture -- it's a regular gold mine! I hope there are more episodes coming, and I'd love to know where Zane is going next; what a trip it would be to go on a pub crawl with this nut!