Three Sisters - Season 1

NBC (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Sister Break
    Sister Break
    Episode 16
    Steven finds himself in a pickle when the sisters, after an argument, stop talking to each other and start talking to him.
  • Mother's Day
    Mother's Day
    Episode 15
    Honey announces that she's spending Mother's Day at a Playboy Bunny reunion.
  • It's a Wonderful Wife
    Steven's plan to re-create the carefree "Pre-Bess" weekend of his bachelor days backfires when Bess gets hip to his selfish reason for sending her and her sisters to a spa for her birthday. Meanwhile, Honey and George have a chance to relive their youth when they babysit their grandson.
  • My Best Friend's Girl
    Nora is trying to quit smoking, but has a hard time doing so. Bess, Annie and Nora plan to go on a Macy Gray concert, but Bess has to cancel it suddenly when she has a work related problem. So Annie invites Jake to go in Bess's place. So Nora, Annie and Jake are driving back from the concert in Jake's car, when Nora, who is feeling totally left out of the conversation, asks Jake to stop by a 7-Eleven. While she is out, Annie tries to roll down the window but can't, and Jake helps her. As he leans on her, they sort of kiss. Annie is thrilled and makes a big deal of it, while Jake doesn't talk much about it. They set a date, but Annie gets stood up. Steven talks to Jake about it and Jake confesses that he did the best thing: end things before the sex, because he knows it would be weird since she's Steven's sister-in-law. After realizing that he likes Annie more than he'd like to, he goes over Steven and Bess's to apologize, only to find Annie going on a date with a guy she met at the bar while waiting for Jake.moreless
  • Work-Related
    Episode 12
    Annie lands a job as Andy Dick's new personal assistant. Bess and Steven decide they should get a nanny.
  • Blame the Messenger
    Blame the Messenger
    Episode 11
    Bess decides to end her maternity leave early when she learns of a possible promotion at work. But when Annie overhears Bess' co-workers saying she's not getting the promotion, she doesn't know whether or not to tell Bess. Meanwhile, Nora can't stand the idea that Jake put in the good word that got her an I-Max movie deal.moreless
  • Sisters: Undressed
    Sisters: Undressed
    Episode 10
    After much agonizing, Bess and Steven ask Nora to be Charlie's guardian. Nora agrees, but her cavalier attitude towards this sacred trust unnerves Bess. Meanwhile, Nora asks Bess to tell Annie to get her own apartment, but the plan backfires.
  • The New Guy
    The New Guy
    Episode 9
    Nora and Steven have differing opinions about Annie's new boyfriend, Kevin. Steven, thrilled to have another guy at the Bernstein-Flynn brunches, tries to talk Annie into keeping Kevin around, while Nora, who finds Kevin incredibly annoying, does everything in her power to convince Annie to dump him. That is, until Annie catches on, and pulls a fast one on both of them.moreless
  • The Rooster
    The Rooster
    Episode 8
    As an argument takes place over the family rooster, Frederick's affair with Nora becomes public.
  • The Faculty Party
    The Faculty Party
    Episode 7
    When George throws a faculty party for one of his oldest friends, Frederick, in an effort to woo him to USC as a visiting professor, Frederick ends up wooing Nora instead -- much to the dismay of Bess and Annie. While the girls plot to put an end to Nora's romance by telling their father about the affair, Honey tries to throw George off-track, using Jake as a decoy.moreless
  • Summer of Chocolate
    The girls plan a surprise anniversary party for their parents, but the celebration nearly turns into psychodrama when Bess learns that her parents' idyllic marriage isn't completely perfect.
  • The In-Laws
    The In-Laws
    Episode 5
    When Steven's well-appointed and domineering mother and counterculture dropout father arrive together from Chicago to visit their son and daughter-in-law, Steven's coping strategy is to stay under the radar until the visit is over, but Bess encourages him to renew his bonds with his parents and invites them to extend their visit. It isn't long, however, before Steven's mother's controlling nature tries even Honey's patience. Meanwhile, his father's inappropriate behavior annoys George and grosses out Nora and Annie.moreless
  • The Dry Spell
    The Dry Spell
    Episode 4
    Nora realizes it has been nearly four years since she went out on a date. Little sister Annie offers to help her get back in the game, but the two couldn't be more different in their approach when they visit a singles bar. Meanwhile, Bess has trouble telling if the pangs she's feeling are labor pains or twinges of jealousy at being left out while her single sisters cruise for men.moreless
  • Masters of Invention
    When Annie's latest income-generating schemes prove to be predictable disasters, Bess and Nora decide it's time for a sisterly intervention. But Steven has a simpler solution -- and offers Annie a job working for him and Jake. Everything seems to be going so well, Bess and Nora begin to question their female perspective on the situation -- until fate intervenes. Meanwhile, George blindsides Nora with some unsolicited fatherly advice.moreless
  • My Birth and Welcome to It
    When Steven puts his foot down and insists that only he and Bess will be present in the delivery room during the birth of their baby, the Bernstein-Flynn family, crushed by Steven's edict, plays a waiting game of their own.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    The three Bernstein-Flynn sisters are reunited when Nora returns to Los Angeles after two years in Africa and Annie graduates from college. Big sister Bess, who is expecting her first child any moment, is thrilled to have her two sisters back in the nest, but husband Steven is less enthusiastic as he realizes that when he married Bess, he got more than he bargained for. Instead of getting one woman, he ended up with three: his wife and her two sisters. Meanwhile, Nora makes a discomfiting discovery of her own when she learns the truth about her ex-husband's sexual preferences.moreless
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