Three Wishes

NBC (ended 2007)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Universal (Season Finale)
    • I Wish to Be Bill Gates
      Three kids get a taste of their dream jobs. A 10-year-old boy gets to take on the role of CEO of Microsoft for a day, a 12-year-old gets to learn about being an astronaut at Space Camp, and a girl who wants to be an actress gets to appear on the daytime series "Passions."moreless
    • Christmas Wishes
      Christmas Wishes
      Episode 9
      Children's holiday wishes include asking for snow in Los Angeles, a visit to the set of Sesame Street, replacing toys lost to Hurricane Katrina, swimming with dolphins, and seeing a grandmother get out of her wheelchair.
    • New Philadelphia-Dover, Ohio
      The team travels to New Philadelphia-Dover, Ohio to help a young trainer, who gets water for the high school football team, become the hero at the homecoming game. They also help a selfless young girl who collected over 6,000 books for her Girl Scout project who wishes for a library for her town, and finally students wish to save the job of their beloved music teacher who is losing her hearing and going deaf. Singer Brandi Carlile and Cleveland Browns football player Phil Dawson make a special appearances.moreless
    • Cedar City, Utah
      Cedar City, Utah
      Episode 7
      The team travels to Cedar City, Utah, where they have several surprises in store for a remarkable retired couple who make toys for underprivileged children all over the world. Also, they help a young girl pay tribute to the fire department whose instruction saved her life, and help a courageous young mother gain the skills and confidence she needs to better face the challenges brought on by the recent loss of her sight. World-class climber and author Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind man in history to reach the summit of the world's highest peak Mount Everest makes a special guest appearance.moreless
    • Military Homecoming
      The team honors Marines who are returning home from Iraq; a soldier meets his son for the first time; a soldier's widow receives a brand new home and country music star Craig Morgan makes an appearance.
    • Covington, Georgia
      The team travels to Covington, Georgia where they grant the wishes of a woman in search of her birth mother, a group of spirited seniors who want to recapture their youth, and a college student with a chronic stutter who must give an important speech.. Special guest appearances by NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart and Wally Dallenbach, and Hootie & the Blowfish.moreless
    • Le Mars, Iowa
      Le Mars, Iowa
      Episode 4
      Tonight the team travels to Le Mars, Iowa to grant the wishes deserving people. First is a young woman who thought that she would never walk again. Next, a wish is granted to a married couple whose lives were changed by a fire. And finally, the team grants the wish of an aspiring dancer.moreless
    • Brookings, South Dakota
      The team helps to relocate a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina, helping out an aspiring singer, and giving a surprise reunion for a terminally ill father.
    • Clovis, New Mexico
      In Clovis, New Mexico, Amy and her crew help out a local Little League Baseball team, a single mother, and a young girl who beat medical odds who longs to help other sick children in her town. Also, Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand sing their song "Dream Big".
    • Sonora, California
      In the series premiere, Amy and her team take three wishes from some of the town's residents. First up, an extraordinary girl who is suffering from severe head injuries from an car accident. Second, a teacher-coach who is ailing and wishes for a better field for her school and her students. Finally, a young boy wants to thank his stepfather for stepping in when his father died and wants to be legally adopted by him.moreless
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