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Grandparents Need Help!

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    Dear NBC Three Wishes,

    I'm usally pretty good with words, but it's quite difficult to start a letter asking for a wish to be granted. I suppose I should tell you the story behind the wish, so you can understand why I'm aksing for it.

    My Oma and Opa (my grandparents) have had a very rough life. They immigrated from Berlin in 1961, and my Opa has had to work very hard to support his wife and three daughters.

    It was almost six years ago now when it got really bad for them. It started when my dad committed suicide. They had to watch their daughter and grandchild suffer through such a great loss. It took quite a toll on them to see us in such pain, but they were always there for my mom and I.

    Shortly after that they learnt their gand-son Corey, had a brain tumor. Luckily it was benign and could be removed.  Unfortunately just a few months later they got news that their eldest daughter (Corey's mom) Rose, had breast cancer. They suffered severely due to the fact that Rose lived far away and they couldn't be there for her as much as they would have liked. For nearly 3 years they watched Rosie's health deteriorate as the cancer spread practically everywhere. Rose fought a good fight, but in the end she didn't make it.

    To make matters even worse Rosie's husband started pulling the kids away from them and now Oma and Opa don't even talk to them anymore.  Not even a year after losing there eldest daughter, they learnt that their youngest daughter Nancy had pre-cancerous cells on her cervics.  She had laser surgery and all went well.

    Soon enough though they got bad news again. Their middle daughter (who lost her husband earlier) Gabriele, was diagnosed with breast cancer. For the past year Oma and Opa have remained strong and took care of their daughter as she went through Chemo and Radiation. They suffered as they watched her lose her hair and get sick. Through it all they perservered, and just as Gabriele was due to finish her radiation and be on the road to recovery, bad news struck yet again.

    Not even a month ago we learnt Oma (my Grandmother) was in Stage 4 Lung Cancer, and unfortunately there's nothing that can be done, they say that she has months to live. Oma and Opa have been through so much pain in the past few years, it's unimaginable. Opa is 67 and he's still working to pay off some of their debts, and now he has to do so as he watches his wife of 47 years suffer.


    I'm hoping you can grant my wish for Oma and Opa, for they mean the world to me, and they really do deserve it. My Aunt Nancy is sending you this message (for I don't have a computer).  You can contact her by email at, or you can page her anytime at 780-444-2844.  Or you can call my Mom Gabriele at 780-478-8309, for she is still at home recovering.  I sure hope to hear from you, for we could use some good news for a change.

    Thanks for Listening,

    Jacqueline Tech

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