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  • Season 1
    • Uncontrollable Urge
      Jonathan, Amanda and Marcus try to stop a secret project called URSA. 25 years ago, the KGB kidnapped young Americans and hypnotized them. Now, these sleepers wake up and kill US senators. Amanda, Jonathan and Marcus pays Alexander Storkovitch, the former leader of that project, a visit.
    • Emerald City
      Emerald City
      Episode 12
      Amanda, Marcus and Jonathan have to get into a taken embassy and in its safe in order to retrieve plutonium that was locked into the safe before terrorist can take it.
    • Break Out
      Break Out
      Episode 11
      Neil Walsh was able to produce a miracle drug that awards extraordinary strength, but accelerates aging. The Organization assigns Amanda, Jonathan and Marcus to free Walsh who is in a private prison and bring him and his mixture to them.
    • Now You See It
      Now You See It
      Episode 10
      When a mysterious killer puts several politicians and business leaders to death, the three are assigned to neutralize him. They kidnap a potential victim and bring him to a secure house. However, the killer is able to kill the victim and the team is arrested by the CIA. But Marcus continues his investigation.moreless
    • You Must Remember This
      Stephen Bell has found a way to transfer somebody's memories to someone else. Now his brother Vaughn offers his rich clients who want to get rid of another person a culprit who will confess to the murder. In order to see through the brother's game, Amanda acts as decoy.
    • The Games
      The Games
      Episode 8
      Several young and successful men disappear, a few of them reappear dead. The three are assigned to find out what happened to the victims. Jonathan contacts Cole, the owner of a casino and key figure in this case. Suddenly, Jonathan finds himself on an island in the middle of a deadly game.moreless
    • Buyer Beware
      Buyer Beware
      Episode 7
      Marcus, Amanda and Jonathan try to get back a stolen item that is worth a high reward. While they know Air Force colonel Paxton, the former CIA agent Bork and a biochemist of the NASA stole the item, the three have no idea what the thieves are up to.
    • The Item
      The Item
      Episode 6
      Amanda, Jonathan and Marcus are assigned to get back a missing cargo of homing arrows that paralyze their victims. They find out that a paranoid collector of bizarre items called Monty Pickett is in possession of the cargo. Monty suggests to give them the cargo in exchange for the Miracle, the army's new super weapon.moreless
    • Avatar
      Episode 5
      A former hacker student of Marcus has optimized his skills. Now he challenges Marcus: within the next 24 hours, he will use a cruise missile to destroy Denver, unless Marcus stops him.
    • Like Felon, Like Daughter
      25 years ago, D.D: Gaines obtained several plates used for printing money. Now that he's finally captured, Amanda, Jonathan and Marcus are assigned to find his hiding place for the printing plates.
    • Blink of an Eye
      Blink of an Eye
      Episode 3
      Jewel thief Kelly uses for her raids a novel high-tech device which can stop time for six minutes. Amanda, Jonathan and Marcus are instructed to turn Kelly and the device in. However, when they find out that Kelly used to work for the company, they cook up a dangerous plan.
    • Hope
      Episode 2
      The biggest and most valuable diamant of the world which is owned by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., goes on a exhibition tour. The Organization finds out that the well-known thief Donald Scobie is planning on stealing the diamant and instruct Amanda, Jonathan and Marcus to stop Scobie.
    • You are Cordially Required
      The Organization assigns Marcus, Jonathan and Amanda to find out the truth about Neil Fisher's ultimate escape. The scientist has found a way to clone humans. Now he offers criminals an ultimate escape: For three million dollar Fisher's client can present a dead doppelganger to the police.