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Three's a Crowd

Season 1 Episode 14

A Case of Sour Grapes

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 22, 1985 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A Case of Sour Grapes
Jack decides to invest Vicky's tax refund in a case of vintage wine. When he discovers the wine has gone bad, he compounds his trouble by attempting to earn the money back as a part time chef at a Japanese restaurant.

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  • Funny comedy, what you're used to with Three's Company

    The show opens to Vicki receiving a check from the IRS in the amount or $1,900.00! Although Vicki wants to let her dad invest it (which really burns Jack up and upsets his masculinity), Vicki signs the check over to Jack so that *he* can invest her money. Jack, knowing exactly what to do, grabs a very fine vintage case of French wine to invest in.

    Later, Jack brings home his booty, however, he opens up the bottle the seller threw in, and he is shocked to taste vinegar instead of the quality wine he thought he bought! EZ comes up and finds out what Jack's done... meanwhile, Vicki and Mr. Bradford want to taste the wine that Jack's purchased! EZ and Jack work together to hide the wine and it results in Jack swigging down 1 cup of vinegar (while EZ disposes of the rest of the bottle). Shocked, the others are sad they couldn't taste the wine, but the two do not suspect Jack's mistake. The look on Jack's face after he swigs a cup of vinegar had my kids laughing so hard. Jack's face has never looked so crazy and miserable.

    Meanwhile, Jack and EZ go down the next day and Jack tells EZ to dispose of the wine. Jack searches the want ads for another job to earn back Vicki's $1,900.00. Although none of the jobs pay what Jack needs, EZ mentions that a Japanese chop shop is hiring, though it is too bad Jack doesn't know how to cook the food. Jack disappears before EZ can hear from Jack.

    Over at the Japanese restaurant, Jack's potential employer is shooing Jack away since he's not Japanese. Jack meanwhile cleverly tricks the employer into taking a chance on Jack, mentioning "worker's discrimination" and "the Justice Jack's boss hires him for the next day.

    However, when Jack reports for duty, it's clear he's lost. Looking to the other chef for an example, Jack is spotted by his boss lazing on the job. Getting to work, Jack starts trying to keep up with the other Japanese chef but as he doesn't know what he's doing, he makes a mess of everything, from the condiments to the shrimp to the chicken to the steak. Eventually, a fire breaks out under his stove and Jack is dismissed. All the guests at Jack's table, honorable looking Japanese customers, decide to head out for pizza.

    Jack comes home devastated. He spots the case of wine on the counter at the back of the Bistro. He covers it up hoping EZ will get rid of it as promised. Unfortunately, Vicki comes into the kitchen with a second letter from the IRS--it was a mistake and she should have only received $19 instead of the $1900. She needs to write them a check for the difference. Jack claims to have sold the wine and Mr. Bradford sees the wine bottles (EZ comes in from surfing and grabs Jack's jacket, exposing the wine is still on hand). Mr. Bradford suspects Jack has already made a deal under Mr. Bradford's nose, selling the wine to another investor for a bundle. Bradford insists that Jack sell the wine to him instead for $2,200 and pay Vicki back the original investment, noting Jack's astute business sense (which is totally unintended). Vicki gets to pay back the $1,900, Jack gets rid of the wine, and then Mr. Bradford opens a bottle to have for himself. Cringing, Jack expects to get busted for selling a bum investment. Surprisingly, Mr. Bradford tastes the wine, which is excellent. "It tastes like bottled sunshine," he says. It is good. Only the test bottle was vinegar. Everyone wins.

    Very funny episode. Not my favorite, but very funny (my favorite is the one where Vicki gets measles).moreless

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