Three's a Crowd

Season 1 Episode 4

Daddy's Little Girl

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 23, 1984 on ABC

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  • so far the cutest one

    The episode starts where Jack and EZ are playing with the Bistro's new intercom system which you'll probably guess is going to be used in the plot at a later time if you've ever seen Three's. Jack finds Vicki in bed resting--she is sick. Jack starts fawning all over her and she insists she is fine and doesn't want to be pampered. Vicki is made to change her tune when her father arrives, everything Jack offered her, even though she refused for Jack, now she accepts when her dad offers it... And then some. Even bringing Vicki her much loved long lost ducky slippers.

    Mr. Bradford has called the doctor who arrives and checked Vicki--she has measles. But the catch? They're contagious. And Jack has to stay away since he never has them as a child. So Mr. Bradford snaps up the chance to use the situation to put himself in between the two.

    The rest of the episode has a lot of gags and laughs and some great physical comedy by the unbelievable John Ritter. The part where Jack taunts Mr. Bradford by stretching luxiouriously on the foldout, as Mr. Bradford is relegated to a chair. Then Jack's getting tossed out of bed and trying to get comfortable on the chair was exactly what he would have done on Three's, circa 1976-84. And then them sharing the bed. The type of gag you might have seen with Jack and Ralph Turkey, or Jack and Stanley Roper.

    Jack has to take Mr. Bradford's breakfast order and then Mr. Bradford's secretary arrives at the front door. Imagine my shock to see none other than Liz Sheridan from Seinfeld (Helen Seinfeld). She looked great, a lovely blond braided bun and glasses wearing a suit.
  • Vicky is sick and Jack can't be around her, so its up to Daddy to help

    Ummm this episode was funny, to see Jack brought to the edge of snapping is fun, as up until now Jack has always held back against Vicky's father. With Vicky having the Measles and Jack having to stay away is a great way to keep the comedy between the two going. It felt like a reason for the actress to not be around much, but its cool. I actually felt the comedy between Jack and Mr. Bradford fit better than between Vicky and Jack. The ending was predictable but still funny with Jack's response. 4 out of 5 stars