Three's a Crowd

ABC (ended 1985)





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  • Doesn't fricking play!!!

    They don't freakin play!
  • not as good as Three's Company

    this show wasent that good this shows is NOT like Three's Company. in the show Three's Company it was better because they had chrissy, janet, and more funny characters but now its only jack and vicky and vicky's annoying father! the jokes for this show is poor and mildy interesting. i only liked the pilot alittle but the rest of the episodes of the series werent as good

    Three's Company was the best of both of the series, though Jack made some funny jokes in the series vicky dident vicky was just a character that wasent needed in the series, the creators could have got a way better story line then the one in this series.

    if this ever came out in DvD (i still dont know if its out or not) but if its ever on dvd as a boxset for $40 i would NEVER buy it, i still think Three's Company was better and had longer seasons.
  • threes a crowd

    If you liked/loved three's company you will love threes a crowd. threes a crowd was just as funny if not funnier than alot of the threes company episodes. ive always felt that the last 2 seasons of threes company were the best and threes a crowd is a great follow up. 3 episodes come to mind that i think rank up there as all time sit com classic episodes. the one where jack and vicky try not to have sex for a week. the episode where vickys friend has trouble with her contacts and keeps blinking and jack thinks shes making a pass at him and another great episode where jack thinks vicky is pregnant but it ends up being ez's dog thats pregnant (this one is a rip off of a honeymooners episode but im sure they ripped it off from someone else to begin with.) i have all the episodes on tape from the 1980s and they are truly a gem. i never understood why they wont release this on dvd or show it on tvland but probably because there was only one season.
  • Too Bad there's not a DVD

    Although this didn't last a long time, I enjoyed this show as a kid. It didn't have the magic that Three's Company had, but there was something nice about see nice-guy Jack finally settle down with someone. And Vicky was hot! EZ was hilarious and I remember talking to friends Wednesday morning at the bus-stop about this show.

    John Ritter was a comedic legend and although this was a bomb, there was no way ABC wouldn't take advantage of Jack Tripper for one more year especially with all the Emmys that John Ritter earned.

    Most of this is going off of memory since I can never find it in reruns or even on a DVD. It probably wouldn't be a successful DVD release, but geez, I would get it.