Three's Company

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company'
      This telefilm takes you behind the camera as the cast, crew, and producers deal with turmoil on the set of Three's Company, including Suzanne Somers and her contract renegotiating, numerous cast changing, spinoffs, betrayal, and lying.
    • Friends and Lovers (2)
      Jack reluctantly accepts Vicky's decision not to get married and instead move into the apartment above the bistro, much to her father's distain. Janet and Philip return from their honeymoon, and Terri makes her own life changing decision.
    • Friends and Lovers (1)
      Janet is devastated when Philip decides he doesn't want a church wedding, but Jack suggests they have the wedding in the apartment. Meanwhile, Jack and Vicky's relationship is threatened when he learns from her father that she was offered a promotion that would require her to move to Houston.
    • Cupid Works Overtime
      An awkward situation on a flight back to Los Angeles gives Jack the opportunity to ask a stewardess named Vicky to dinner at his bistro, but he soon discovers she lives under the thumb of her father. Meanwhile, Janet announces she is moving out because Philip has proposed to her.
    • The Heiress (a.k.a. The Inheritance)
      An eccentric bank owner who used to frequent Janet's flower shop dies and leaves her his favorite, yet apparently worthless, vase that Terri then gives to Mr. Furley. Meanwhile, the man's nephew falls for Janet, but Jack suspects he has an ulterior motive.
    • Forget Me Not
      Forget Me Not
      Episode 18
      Janet buys a used car from Larry, but Jack immediately totals it when Larry talks him into giving a ride to an attractive new neighbor. He decides to feign amnesia to avoid Janet's wrath, which proves to be an extremely flawed idea.
    • Jack Takes Off
      Jack Takes Off
      Episode 17

      Jack falls for an art teacher who has just moved in next door, and will do anything to impress her - even pose as a nude model for her class.

    • Jack's Tattoo
      Jack's Tattoo
      Episode 16
      Jack wakes up the morning after partying with his Navy buddies to find he has an embarrassing tattoo on his backside. Terri arranges for him to have it removed at the hospital, but his desire to keep it a secret causes Janet and Mr. Furley to conclude he is going in for a life altering procedure.moreless
    • Look What I Found
      Look What I Found
      Episode 15
      Unable to keep a stray kitten due to apartment rules, the trio decides to leave it on Mr. Furley's doorstep. Meanwhile, Mr. Furley's brother Bart sends an inspector to evaluate his performance as building manager, just as the kitten's young owner shows up.
    • Baby, It's Cold Inside
      Mr. Furley agrees to help Jack transport a side of beef to Mr. Angelino's restaurant, which is closed while he is on vacation. Unfortunately, they encounter a burglar at the restaurant who locks them inside the freezer.
    • Itching for Trouble

      The former head cheerleader from Jack's high school class calls out of the blue and meets with him behind a bush at the park, desperately seeking relationship advice behind the back of her extremely jealous (and large) husband. However, trouble ensues later when her husband invites everyone to dinner and they realize that the meeting took place in a patch of poison oak.

    • Janet Shapes Up
      Janet Shapes Up
      Episode 12
      Janet gets a part time job as an aerobics instructor, and likes it so much she gives up her job at the flower shop. This puts Jack in an awkward position, since Janet's new boss has just blackmailed him into becoming her love slave after discovering he and Janet are roommates.moreless
    • The Charming Stranger
      The trio's new next door neighbor is a charming yet secretive man who has just moved from England and immediately sweeps Janet and Terri off their feet. However, Jack becomes convinced the man is a fugitive jewel thief with a large reward on his head.
    • Now You See It, Now You Don't
      A socialite who thinks Jack is rich takes him to a casino night being held at her father's estate, where he immediately loses $15,000. However, she fails to tell Jack that it was just play money.
    • The Odd Couples
      The Odd Couples
      Episode 9
      Terri claims she is married to Jack when she assumes her boss has bad intentions in offering her a promotion. When she learns the assumption is wrong, she inadvertently invites her boss and his wife to the apartment for dinner, forcing her to come up with a convoluted story about her home life.moreless
    • Like Father, Like Son
      Jack's overly helpful father pays an unexpected visit and immediately begins intruding on Jack's personal and professional life. Just when things seem like they can't get any worse, Mr. Angelino decides not to renew Jack's lease.
    • Grandma Jack
      Grandma Jack
      Episode 7
      Larry surprises Jack by telling him that his chocolate chip cookie recipe has won a $10,000 prize in a baking contest for women that Larry secretly entered. In order to collect the prize, Jack dresses up as "Grandma Tripper," but soon discovers Larry wasn't telling the whole truth.
    • Hearing Is Believing
      Jack begins dating a sex therapist named Doreen, but his hesitance to disclose her profession causes Janet to wrongly conclude that she is a prostitute. Janet becomes overcome with anxiety when Jack invites Doreen to dinner on the same night her father is to visit.
    • Alias Jack Tripper
      Jack forgets that he promised Janet he would take out her friend Agnes while she is on a layover, and convinces Larry to take his place and assume his identity. This turns out to be a problem when Agnes falls for faux-Jack and changes flights so she can have dinner at the bistro with him.moreless
    • Out on a Limb
      Out on a Limb
      Episode 4

      A surprise visit from a food critic at the bistro seemingly ends in disaster, and Larry convinces Jack to send him a scathing letter. However, when the review unexpectedly turns out to be glowing, Jack is forced to take desperate measure to ensure the letter isn't delivered.

    • The Money Machine
      Jack receives $1000 from a malfunctioning ATM machine, and leaves a message on the bank's answering machine stating he will return it on Monday. He decides to hide it in the couch for safe keeping, which turns out to be the worst possible location he could have chosen.
    • She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
      Larry finds a completed magazine questionnaire in the apartment which reveals that the person who filled it out wants to have an affair with her roommate. Jack assumes one of his roommates filled it out, and invites both of them to spend the weekend in Larry's cabin so he can find out who it is.moreless
    • Jack, Be Quick
      Jack, Be Quick
      Episode 1
      Jack freaks out when his girlfriend Cheryl asks him to father her child, but Janet's misguided advice causes him to reconsider the proposition.
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